Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Morning Check-in

On Friday, we spotted another louse in Anna June's hair, giving her an unintentional long weekend. Ben stayed home with her in the morning, and I stayed home with her in the afternoon. We called the pediatrician and, after determining that our pharmacy did not carry the exact prescription they wanted to use, they found a sample and I picked it up.

We followed the directions as exactly as we could.

We have not seen a live bug since then, but they take a week to hatch. So we're not out of the woods yet.

According to our PTA facebook group, there have been about 4 other cases reported in kindergarten.

But AJ is back at school today, in hopes that she can avoid further outbreaks. We blow-dried her hair, and braided it in several braids. She looks ridiculous but we hear lice don't like plaits.

Besides being preoccupied with microscopic insects, here are some other things we managed to do/accomplish this weekend:

A trip to the mall to get more of the soap that we all three like. It was out of season, but they had some in the back. It was on sale. I bought five.

Swim lessons. Since there were no live bugs, and she has no contact with other kids, I sent her anyway. She's about to move up to the next level really soon - she has only a couple of skills to master in the freestyle and backstroke. This may be her niche sport. I'm happy with it. Of course, I got to work out while she swam.

Lunch at American Deli, using one of the coupons from our Enjoy the City book we bought from AJ's school.

Ben studied and napped. I did laundry, bill paying, and other low-impact things around the house. AJ enjoyed watching a lot of TV on her Kindle.

Date night, which may have included a sandwich I wouldn't eat again and some serious discussions about schoolwork. AJ stayed with her grandparents, and Uncle Drew took her to the park. They played tic-tac-toe and ran a race, which AJ won. I told her - honestly - I have never beaten Drew at a footrace. He was a fast kid. An 8-year-old me probably still couldn't beat a 30+ year old him, either. All went well until she fell off the swing, which hit her in the head at least once. She was ok, just full of mulch.

On Sunday, AJ wanted to "coach" me at running (read: jogging) so we took Radar to the P-A-R-K (he can spell it, too). We walked a lap to let him mark trees and conduct his dog business, and then, I let AJ have the leash and she jogged him around the quarter-mile track. I jogged the whole lap, myself. Then we walked another lap, and went home.

Grabbed breakfast to-go at the coffee shop, which is just about the only place I'd let Radar sit in the car for a second while we ran in. We came home and ate while we decided what our menu and plans will be for the rest of the week.

Went to church, and then went to the grocery store. We saw at least 4 people we know, including a couple of moms who had kids in preschool with AJ. One has moved, and the other stayed and went the private school route. We were proud to say that AJ is doing well at Avondale - it's hard to believe our kids are 5 now.

We rushed home to eat lunch - I had this soup in the crockpot. It probably smelled better than it tasted. Ben described it as, "like chili, but not as good." Poor guy - he had to sit at home trying to study while it smelled so good and he got so hungry. I asked him to text me his grocery store requests and I kept getting things like "coq au vin." Yeah, right.

AJ and I spent part of the rainy day reading books from the library. A call came in that one I had requested was available, so we ventured out in the rain to make returns and check out new ones. AJ is so proud of her library card!

On our journey, we stopped to buy Aunt Beth a birthday present. It's kind of random, but it's what AJ wanted to give her. She prepared her card and we wrapped it, and even remembered to deliver it when we went to Rusty's, where we ate dinner with one of my friends from high school. He recently moved back to Birmingham, and works at an antique store downtown.

At various points, we touched base with most of the grandparents, and everyone seems to be doing fine.

We finally got AJ to go to sleep, and we crashed, too. Busy, busy weekend, leading into a busy week!


Anonymous said...

So sorry the lousy war goes on. It would be the end of me, I can tell you that. Maybe that is why I was spared this..................... and you saw Drew!!!!!! Do they still remember each other?? They were always SO cute together. Is Drew still tall ? Did they go right back into friendship mode? I thought AJ was fooling me when she said she raced your brothe r and won....Girl is gonna be a swimmer/ runner and maybe volleyball-er.

Anonymous said...

ps. You jogged a whole lap!!! Excellent!! Something I could not do and live to tell about it.

Laura Gallitz said...

Actually, we didn't see Drew- we saw her mom. And, no, AJ didn't recognize her. I guess it has been too long, but we promised to make a play date soon. We hear Drew is still tall.

I don't know if Drew T let AJ win or not - I couldn't beat either of those speed demons, ever.

I HATE running but AJ loves it. She wants to run a 5K with me in September. So if she can get me to do it, then that's great. We can always walk.

She's too little for volleyball just yet, but swimming and running seem to be right for her.

I don't want to jinx it, but I didn't see anything in AJ's hair today, so maybe we're coming out of this. I will still be checking her head frequently, though.