Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Anna June wanted to snuggle in bed with us for a few minutes this morning. So as I was getting ready to get up and about, I grabbed my phone to see what gems I had missed on Facebook while I was sleeping.

"Hey, AJ, do you want to see a cute picture?" I asked
"Sure," she replied. She grinned widely when she saw an adorable 10-month old, smiling.
"Who is that?"
"That's Rebekah, Laura Beth and Holt's little girl."
"I'm not sure who that is," which made me sad. We haven't seen our friends in a while.
"You know Frances and Bill at church, right?" I was referring to the Church Treasurer and his wife.
"Oh, yeah." She thought for a second.

"Hey, is he called Bill because he gets all the checks and money?"

No, but that's a good guess!

Have a great Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Funny girl. MAybe she learned that in her Daddy;s class at school.

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, we talk about bills and money a lot. If our job is to teach her about being a productive and responsible adult one day, she has to be familiar with these things. Still, it was funny. Her brain makes all kinds of connections.