Saturday, September 28, 2013

What a Doll

If you think this coloring is not up to Anna June's normal standard, you are correct. Her doll, Heather, "colored" this (with a little help from AJ's hands).

AJ has been loving playing with her dolls and toys lately. Maybe it's because we've removed some to make room and she can actually see what she has now. Maybe it's because we just don't want her parked in front of a TV or Kindle all the time. Maybe it's because her imagination is blossoming. Either way, it's adorable.


Anonymous said...

AH! Heather still lives!! I too approve of doll play, because the child must supply their own stimulation, instead of the constant electronic stimulation or the over stimulation such as is presented with Sesame street, etc. And it's quiet and a TERRIFIC focus for their imaginations , as you pointed out. The only problem comes with those who exploit this and make their gain by promoting $175 dollar dolls and $100 DOLLAR ACCESSORIES ! And that is the cheap end! ( YES , I MEAN YOU, AMERICAN DOLLS!)

Anonymous said...

PS: those American Girl dolls aren't even cute, in my opinion.