Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Review

Anna June had a great weekend.

Friday night, we skipped our usual pizza for sushi. It was delicious. AJ enjoyed spring rolls and clear soup, although later she agreed that my special dish (the "mini Godzilla") was pretty wonderful.

We walked down to Bargain Hunt, because I had seen on Twitter they were having a half price sale on rugs. We went, and in the back, Ben found a red, beige, brown, and black geometric patterned rug set for less than $30. That's less than $10/rug. One was just the right size we were looking for, and the other two are a nice addition.

Then, we watched Hugo on Netflix. It had come highly recommended to us. We were not disappointed. AJ still has trouble dealing with intense situations (and, honestly, I do, too) but she liked it anyway.

On Saturday, we celebrated AJ's half-birthday. After five AND A HALF years, she is still just as precious as on day one. Except now she can talk and we don't have to change diapers. As for myself, I like this phase better.

To celebrate the event, and just because it was cool, Ben got her a color-changing, remote controlled, light bulb for the lamp in her room. She called it "awesome" and told us she couldn't wait to go to bed to try watching the colors change to relax her.

We hung out at home in the early morning, and then we went to swim lessons. AJ was excited to be there - we even got there early! We'll be doing Saturday morning swimming until mid-December.

Afterwards, we went to the library. There's more about the library in another post coming this week. I hope.

Then we went out to the Gallitz Formal Dining Room for lunch.

We came home and looked at AJ's library find: a kid's cookbook. She wanted to make something for dinner, so she chose a tuna and bean salad. We then went to the grocery store for our weekly trip, and AJ made sure we had all the things listed in the recipe - she wanted to do it exactly by the book. We chilled it in containers and moved on to the next thing.

For AJ, the next thing was her artwork. She made a necklace and then painted a picture and drew another picture for Nana.

Then, we took AJ to Nana's house. We had a free Redbox rental we had checked out and it was due by 9, so I dropped AJ and some tuna salad off at Mom's and raced back grab dinner and to watch 42. The movie was predictable, but I thought it was well-done. How can Harrison Ford be bad?

Meanwhile, AJ would NOT even TRY the tuna salad. Not a bite. I thought it was a stretch, since she normally does not like tuna, but Mom ate it anyway. AJ had cereal. They baked a pound cake with farm-fresh eggs, which smelled heavenly as I walked in the door to pick her up.

On Sunday, we tried to relax most of the day. We went to church. We did a ton of laundry. We went to my parents' house for brunch - hey, did anyone know it was Grandparents' Day? Me, neither. Wesley and AJ both got to see their Tucker grandparents, though, so I guess we celebrated. Wesley napped most of the time we were there, watching the Falcons lose to the Saints. We got to eat the cake. Then, most blessed of events, I got to take a nap. AJ and Ben Skyped with Grandpa Gary, and then I woke up after the Packers game was on. Meanwhile, AJ had watched TV, made me a necklace, painted a painting, and drew a picture for me. I helped her open some new art supplies (as if she doesn't have enough) and she drew some more pictures for me.

We took Radar for a walk and went to Rusty's for dinner, where we finished watching the game. We went to Dollar General to get all the non-food items on my shopping list. We came home and AJ managed to get the paint off her body, although I was less successful with her outfit. I did more laundry. We prepped for the week: lunch money, folder, homework, etc.

It was, by our standards, fairly uneventful, but really, that's what we needed. We thought about going to a concert, to the art show downtown, to go shopping or to somewhere "fun".  But we made our own fun. We rested, which we needed - a short week can sometimes feel like a long one.  Now time for a new week.

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