Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today's Tidbit

Anna June loves to create art, and she loves to do it any time and any where. I believe this one was from this summer, and she drew it in church.

Afterwards, she told me this story to go with it.

Once upon a time, there was a dinosaur. He lived with his daughter. he got the chicken pox. His sister sent a dress to the daughter, her niece. But the daddy dinosaur thought the dress was for him, so he put it on. It had flowers on it. He looked really funny, even though the dress fit!

The end.

(I think she started making up a story at Liz's house at some point, and got obsessed with drawing dinosaurs for a while. I think she's over it now. I just wanted to share the story before the paper got tossed.)


Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOO!! Don't toss!!! Put iy in the "Granny file".

Laura Gallitz said...

I will save this one for you. I usually scan and toss, using the scan as a digital archive that does not take up room, get lost or wrinkled.