Sunday, September 29, 2013

The F Word

"S- is fat," Anna June told me on Wednesday morning.

It rang in my ears. There was a matter-of-fact statement. I didn't know the girl, but I knew she was in AJ's class. I have no idea if it is true or not, but AJ doesn't usually lie.

"Well, does SHE say she is fat, or do YOU say she is fat? " I asked.

"I guess I say she's fat. But I wouldn't tell her that."

Whew. At least there is that.

I told AJ that some children gain weight first and then grow taller, and then they're not fat anymore. I reached deep into all of my magazine-reading wisdom and said, "It doesn't matter if she's fat. It matters if she is healthy. Do you think she is healthy?"

"Yeah," AJ said.

I asked if she plays with the other kids at recess. AJ said yeah.

"But she doesn't eat healthy food," AJ said. "She eats chips, not applesauce."

Side note: I know applesauce isn't the most healthy thing ever, especially the kind with the added sugar and preservatives, but at least it originated as fruit, partially, right? And we like it.

Yikes. Childhood obesity is on the rise. You know it, I know it, the scientists know it, and the public health messengers like First Lady Obama know it as well.

I was mentally filing for an intervention grant to fight childhood obesity in school, but AJ changed the subject slightly. AJ pointed out that when S hugs, she hugs so tight that the recipient of the hug is squished. I am assuming it's from her girth, but it could also be just from her personality. AJ told me she asked her not to hug her anymore, which I think is sad.

We quickly realized it was late, and got moving.

I packed AJ some applesauce. I should have packed an extra one for her friend.

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Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO glad that she has developed some filters that have prevented her from name calling and labeling. ( THANK YOU MOM and DAD!!!!) Next step is to remain apart from any teasing or bullying of this poor little girl. And the next step after that is to be proactive in including this girl , being kind and even defending her. I believe AJ is not too young... ( the bullying and name calling start EARLY). This would be a terrific use of those Leadership skills she is exhibiting. How about a play date?It could be a " Let peace start with me " weekend! Another plus: Her religious tenets in action! HMMMMMM. Aren't you glad I don't live any closer???