Monday, September 30, 2013


Anna June is exhibiting extraordinary leadership skills.

At school, she sits at a table with her friends from last year, C and J, and a new girl, N. They all play together. AJ brags about how her table behaves the best and does the best work.

I wouldn't expect any less.

AJ has taught them a cheer. They all put their hands in and say, "Go, Team Table!" I asked if the other tables had a cheer. Evidently, they do not.

But the other day, J got in trouble for, if I remember correctly, swinging on the swings on her stomach. The teacher repeatedly told her to stop and she didn't. Soon, she was in time out.

Anna June reported that she then, "called an emergency meeting."

She got C and N together, and let them know that J was in time out. They discussed the severity of the situation and how it affected Team Table.

I tried to listen to this with a straight face. I pictured a pint sized damage control meeting on the pebbled playground. How could Team Table protect their status as the best when one of their members was in time out?

This kid is going to be President of something.

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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I guess she listens to everything that goes on with your and Shenandoahs' jobs!!