Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fairy Tale Ball

On Saturday, August 24, we attended The Fairy Tale Ball, benefiting Childcare Resources. Our friends gave us the tickets they couldn't use, so we were thrilled.

Preparing for the ball itself basically took 24 hours. First, AJ and I went to Collage consignment boutique in Vestavia on Friday night, where we found a cocktail dress for me to wear. The salesgirl was very helpful and actually found the dress for me. She gave her honest opinion about what looked best on me, and it worked out great.

Then I took AJ on Saturday morning to Vestavia Nails. This was her first professional manicure and pedicure. I chose this place because I knew they had kid chairs. She chose a robin's egg blue for her fingers and gold for her toes. I went with pink and pink. That took a while, since I'm pretty sure that was the first professional nail treatment I had since the week before AJ was born. As predicted, she loved it, and it wasn't even a whole day before she asked to go back.

We went to look for Ben some new dress shoes. He found a pair at Burlington Coat Factory and also found a new tie on clearance for $1.98! What a great shopper.

Then, we had to go get AJ's Belle costume from the last place she'd been seen with it - Nana's house. 

Then I needed a nap. AJ chose not to partake.

After showers and baths, it was almost time to go. It took us a while to get the accessories right. And remember the tickets. Leaving, for us, takes a while.

I can see why Cinderella's fairy godmother took care of all this stuff.

We arrived at the ball to realize this was worth the wait!

A balloon arch greeted us. A mad hatter station sat to our left where kids could decorate their own hats. Alice and the White Rabbit wandered around, while kids climbed on the larger-than-life mushrooms.
Inside, there was a magical world waiting. Jugglers on stilts walked through the crowd. Balloon shapers made wild creations.
Characters in vignettes from their stories met the kids. There was Cinderella, Prince Charming, and the Fairy Godmother. Then Ariel and Ursula. Pirates with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Aladdin and Jasmine (who sang!)

Star Wars. Indiana Jones. 

Near Hansel and Gretel's house, there was a "candy bar" for the kids to fill up bags of candy. There was tons of food and a bar for the grown ups. There was a giant Lite Brite to play with.

 Giant screens showed Disney movies. The cover band Nationwide Coverage kept us all dancing.

We saw many friends, including AJ's friend Guthrie. In hopes of getting Ben to myself for a dance, I got AJ to ask Guthrie to dance. They were so cute we had to just take pictures of them instead of actually dancing.
(This photo courtesy Chris Holmes, Guthrie's dad)

But later, we danced and AJ photographed us.

We also visited the professional photo booth and the caricature artists. Although AJ was overwhelmed by the people and number of things to do at first. 

But in the end, she didn't want to leave. 
Our neighbor works for Childcare Resources, and she's been trying to get us to go for years. I stand by my decision that until now, she was too young. But I think she was just the right age to have a really fun night.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a little girls' dream come true. Thank you--really enjoyed these pics. The one of AJ and Guthrie is TOO CUTE!!!!!He looks adorable ---and smitten!!!!Sha looks like a sweet proncecess.

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! It was a really fun night.