Friday, August 30, 2013

Late Report: Vacation Bible School

As I sort of mentioned before, during the first week of summer vacation, Anna June attended Vacation Bible School at Avondale Methodist Church. She had a wonderful time. The pastor there is the treasurer of our PTA, and his little boy is a grade ahead of Anna June.

A bunch of her friends joined her in this free, half-day summer activity. I was so thrilled that she'd get to participate in VBS, as it was just about my favorite thing ever when I was a child. I looked forward to it every year, and, when I outgrew it, I looked forward to serving however I could, song leader, snack server, baby diaper changer, etc. Our church has grown too small to have a VBS of its own, so we were glad AJ could go somewhere where she had many friends. She learned a lot and I am glad that she had such a good experience.

Here's the video of the closing program. AJ is towards the bottom on the left. She was not exactly singing, but she did the motions.

VBS program Avondale Methodist Church from SRG on Vimeo.

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