Friday, August 23, 2013


Anna June is loving school so far. The first week, the K kids are going half days, so this gave me a good excuse to take a day off and schedule work at our house.

We have been talking about getting new flooring in the den for ages, and we finally made the move. We had laminate floors installed in the den and hall. It is fantastic. Here are some photos of the work in progress. I was texting Ben all day as the work went on. Next project, it will be his turn. :)

Radar is scared of the new floor.

Old, gross carpet

Furniture moved out of the room

Underneath the carpet and pad, we found, as expected, plain old plywood. Patrick found hardwood under his. Dang it.

The tacks they use to hold down the carpet are sharp!

This is the waterproof pad, or "underlayment" they put under the laminate.

It's pretty thin, but it's standard to what this company uses. We'll trust their judgment.

First strips of flooring installed. Getting exciting!

When we were shown samples, Ben and I were both drawn (after a minute or two) to this color. I like it.

Putting down the "quarter round". Ben thinks the grains of this don't match the floor, but I'm not as picky.

Steve, finishing the baseboard work in the den

Strips just glued down to get to the bedroom. AJ and I thought this part was cool. The strips definitely match.

Finished and swept

Great dancing floor!

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I think they look great, Laura. GA