Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

Anna June is having a good Independence Day, I think.

Well, once she told me she was bored, but it was after 3 pm at that point. So I think we did OK.

I have had a ton of little projects around the house today: filing, shredding, laundry, making and cleaning up after breakfast, making Red White and Blue Trifle to take to a fireworks viewing party and cleaning up after, etc. I've been doing everything at a pretty slow pace as my form of "relaxing" on my day off. I even got in some reading this morning.

AJ has played with Barbies (I broke one of their heads off, and not in a pop-back-on kind of way), made a bracelet from paper, and accompanied me on a quick walk of the dog between rain showers. I did both of our nails - AJ is wearing purple glitter on her fingers and star polish on her toes. I have red fingers and blue toes in the spirit of the day.

I've only run a couple of other errands, which is good for me on a day off, but I'd probably have done more if everything weren't closed.

I'm sure we're supposed to be reflecting on things like our founding fathers and our war for Independence, but I've been reflecting on if it's worth it to mop the kitchen floor and where I put the login information for our FSA. At breakfast, Ben asked AJ if she knew what we were celebrating. She asked if it was Jesus' birthday or God's birthday. Clearly, we have work to do.

But speaking of God, AJ's paper bracelet says, "I love God and Jesus." No word yet on her feelings on the Holy Spirit. 

We watched the Brewers play baseball on TV. They lost, but it was to the Washington Nationals. It kind of felt patriotic, although I wasn't feeling too philosophical when I saw a base running error and Ben was yelling about various injustices. 

I took a short nap, interrupted several times by AJ's various requests. I finally got up and showered, because she was appalled that I actually left the house to get lunch wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. I told the lady at Chick-fil-A I was cleaning house, because I was at the time, kind of. I was also glad I was not wearing anything fancy, because I spilled coke on myself. Pro tip: if they ask you if you want a drink holder, always say yes.

I tried to get dressed and show off my new outfit to AJ. She told me it didn't go together. Three tries later, I ended up wearing all black. Nothing says Independence Day like a goth look, right? I guess Bermuda shorts can't be goth, even if they are black.
Anna June has enjoyed her freedom to play with stamps and watch a lot of different videos on her Kindle.

She told me at camp they have a "secrets club." I don't really like the sound of it, but she's five and doesn't have many secrets. After all, she has a dedicated blogger telling most of them to the internet.

She told me that we could have a secrets club at home, too, and I started with the (not very) secret that I am scared of rats. AJ then told something equally benign. At the park, after running into some neighbors and friends, and - seriously the thing she was the most excited about today - getting to pick up after the dog all by herself, she told me she had a new secret, and that was, "I don't like my life."

She's five years old. I asked her what she didn't like, and it basically boiled down to that we make her do homework and clean her room. And we don't even do those things every day. She's a lucky girl, and I think she knows it.

What a wonderful problem to have, to be upset only because you have too many possessions and too many opportunities to learn things.

We're about to leave to go see our friends, eat too much, drink too much, and watch people blow things up. God Bless America.


Anonymous said...

AJ the fashion critic? To tell you that " it doesn't match?" I wonder exactly what she sees in the mirror when she views some of her ensembles??

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, she didn't say it didn't match - she said it didn't go together. A red polo shirt and white shorts. I guess it didn't. Her eye for fashion is much different (and better) than mine, but last night when I wasn't home she left the house wearing bike shorts and a regular t-shirt (not an oversize t-shirt or tunic) and everyone got to see her striped panties through them. We had a talk about it - I think she gets it now.