Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Catching Up

Anna June decided last night that she needed to catch up on her sleep, so she made sure she was in bed exactly at 8 pm. Even though she woke up groggy as usual, she told me that she could get herself ready. I am glad that she still has the capability, if not the desire, to dress by herself. We've spent a lot of whiny mornings lately stuffing AJ into her shorts and shoes. It was a relief to catch my breath this morning.

Here are some things we did over the weekend. Each one is post-worthy, but I'm not sure I'll have time to write like I want to - work is out of control right now.

Weekend rundown:
Friday night
Pizza - Domino's
Movie - The Wizard of Oz


Donuts from Heavenly Donut Co. in Vestavia

Shopping at Brookwood Village. AJ and I browsed while we waited for Ben to help my mom at Best Buy Mobile, where they were phone shopping. AJ even said, "Shopping is fun."

Park in the Park at Avondale - this vintage car show was amazing. I couldn't believe how many cars were there. It was very, very hot, though, so we only stayed about 20 minutes - long enough for a quick lap around the pond.

AJ was watching a video when I got finished showering, so I asked her to come see me when the episode concluded. At the particular moment she appeared, I was looking at this picture.

So she wanted to bake cupcakes.

We went to retrieve my cupcake pan, and then we went to the grocery store, where we ran into a ton of people we knew.

Finally, we came home, put up the groceries, ate dinner, and baked cupcakes.

I settled on a vanilla cupcake with a cream cheese/cinnamon icing from The Joy of Cooking. I didn't follow the instructions exactly, so we ended up with runnier icing than I'd have liked. AJ wanted it tinted blue, but with the addition of cinnamon, they looked more blue-green. And she sprayed some whipped topping on them, so they looked kind of like a sky with clouds.

We called up my granddaddy and took him a couple of cupcakes while they were still warm. It was a good, if brief, visit.

Then, blessedly, it was bedtime.


I did a "short class" on my Zumba Rush game for XBox. AJ tried playing a game, but she's too little for the Kinect motion sensors to detect her. Frustration and tears ensued. Maybe next year.

I went to church, and I had a solo prepared. "It is Well with My Soul." God must love irony, because there was absolutely nothing well with my soul that morning. AJ was possibly the worst-behaved she'd ever been in church.

After lunch we went home and AJ was so tired that she admitted that she'd take a nap with me. So we laid down in my bed and slept. It was wonderful. Afterwards, I got my regular happy kid back, with much better behavior. T

Then, AJ and I left Ben to study and went to dinner at the Hassinger-Daniels Mansion, a new Bed & Breakfast owned by my parents' clients, the Chaffins. They met us at the door in period costume, and we toured all of the gorgeous rooms. We had a delicious dinner, and enjoyed the company of others who had helped them furnish the house by selling them antiques. It was a wonderful night.

So now, we're about caught up.

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