Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swim Time

Anna June got signed up for swim lessons at the UAB Rec Center on the first day of Adventure Day Camp. We were excited by this new thing happening on campus. The idea that AJ could get swim lessons during the "after camp care" part of her day, where we wouldn't have to transport, pick up, drop off, or take off work any additional time was truly fantastic. I will be forever grateful to UAB for having this fantastic idea- I was beginning to get frustrated looking for local options that would fit into our schedule on the weekends.

UAB uses the Starfish Aquatics Institute, which allows kids to move up within their classes by color group. The first week, AJ was in the "white" group, and, after only one week, moved up to the "red" group. She still has some things to master before moving up, but we're seeing definite progress.

In fact, that first Friday, she could not wait to show me her progress report! 

Week 2's progress report wasn't quite as exciting, but still improvements nonetheless:

Mostly, swim lessons are her favorite part of camp. This was from her first day of lessons (Note: I probably violated all kinds of rules by bringing my camera phone into the gym, but, hey, it was a monumental occasion.)


Anonymous said...

way to go Anna June! Love Grammy and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

I'm REALLY excited for AJ to be having swim lessons! She has a morpho type exactly like her Dad, which one Doctor once described as a "swimmers body". ( Think Michael Phelps!)
ay this be the start of great beginnings! I couldn't read the things she was being evaluated on, but the 'confidence ' thing seems almost universal w/ beginners. GREAT move by the university!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Sorry about that. Even when you click on the scans to make them bigger they're not very big. And the skills they ask for are not self explanatory, like "Wall Walk". What the heck is that? Whatever it is, she can do it, so good job, AJ.

SRG said...

@Anonymous2: I looked up morpho and all I found was things about butterflies... What exactly does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Okay, Mr. SRG . you know it all!!! ( joking now, JUST JOKING, SON!)

And you did not either r find info abt. butterflies. Look up "Morphology" or Morpho-type.

( please, don't let me be wrong on this one.....I just had to eat crow because Susie and I were disputing about Denmark. I told her it was the same country as Holland/Netherlands/ it is NOT! At least I didn't call it "Dutchland"!.

Laura Gallitz said...

Sorry, I looked up "morphology" and came up with:
1.the branch of biology dealing with the form and structure of organisms.
2.the form and structure of an organism considered as a whole.

Nothing about a certain body type.

Down here we just call them skinny.

Anonymous said...

' Yes, both those definitions are appropriate to my comment
:the form and structure of the human orqanism as related to the BODY as in 'pear' shaped or 'apple type, or a 'Swimmers' shape. I rest my case. ( I KNOW that I use that phrase from seeing it somewhere. as I am not creative or educated enough to make up neat sounding words)

Laura Gallitz said...

Oh, I get it now. Sorry! Deadlines are messing with my brain right now.