Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Anna June loved VBS, but the main drawback was that after noon, we needed child care. On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, my parents took care of her. On Tuesday, Liz watched her. But on Friday, Liz was on a plane and my parents were getting ready for the auction, so AJ ended up at my office. (By the way, we know there are other options, including paid babysitters. I didn't plan ahead enough, and it was just for a little while.)

I packed AJ's bag with her Kindle, some books, snacks, a blanket and a stuffed animal. She ended up being the most excited about my office supplies, and make many drawings and other pieces of art, including a paper boat. Give the kid a hole puncher and some scrap paper and she's entertained for a while.

Being that she can read now, she spotted a drawer I had marked "Laura's files." She told me this was boring. So I changed it.

She tried telling me that I wasn't really Wonder Woman but she had no defense when I told her that we'd never been seen in the same place at the same time.

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