Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sign of a Good Time

Anna June requested, back when we visited Ruffner Mountain, that I photograph her muddy shoes. They were brand new looking, and she had just gotten them as hand-me-downs from cousins Claire and Ella while we were at the beach. They fit her great, and would be great for hiking the uncertain terrain of the mountain. Of course, we found ourselves in mud. AJ complained, but I am pretty sure she loved it. They're cleaner than this now, but I think she just wanted to show them off as a sign she had a really good time.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...that red dirt doesn't come off too easily. She will probably get a new pair at the start of school , too .so she has something to look forward to.
BTW. talking about something to look forward to. please tell me you are still able to visit. I got 1/2 off Fair tickets for all. as well as 1/2. off midway tickets/-enough for a great time, I think. So. if you go with us or the other GallitzES, you should have a fine old time. ( ANd tell your husband that I am now employed again !)

Laura Gallitz said...

Congrats on your new job! And yes, she'll get new sneakers in mid-August right before school starts. No sense in buying them before - she's growing too fast to keep up.

Yes, we're still planning to visit in August. We still haven't officially decided whether to drive or fly. Driving will give us more flexibility, but flying may give us more time there. We'll let you know as soon as we decide.

And we may go to the Fair twice - it seems like there's enough to do to last 2 days!