Sunday, June 23, 2013

She's Crafty

Anna June loves arts & crafts. She seems to enjoy anything that she can physically make. I know lots of kids are like that, but I was not one. She surprises me every day.

First of all, she is currently obsessed with paper airplanes. She loves making them, flying them, and learning new ways of making them and flying them. During the baseball game yesterday, she and her dad flew airplanes at each other for several innings, and she was just as happy as a pig in mud. It helps that last week, Science Week at camp, had her building and flying airplanes as well. (Flying them from the indoor track, which is on the top floor, down into the baskeball court below was a highlight of the week, which included ice cream making and tie dying t-shirts!) A friend suggested we capitalize on this interest and take her to the Southern Museum of Flight, which I've now added to our bucket list. She has even made an airport from a shoebox, (complete with doors and a hole cut "for the suitcases") although the airport now has too many planes. She may have to retire the old fleet to make room for the new and improved ones.

The other day, she made an emery board out of a craft stick and sandpaper. It was adorable,and, in a pinch, useful.

Yesterday, for our anniversary, she had Ben help her decorate the kitchen for an anniversary party (just the three of us) while I napped. There was even a Welcome sign. It was so sweet! And the snacks weren't bad either.

Later, she went to get a paper bag to put her pipe cleaner butterfly in, when, lo and behold, she asked for the hole punch. A while later, she came up with this, which she photographed herself. I have no idea what it is, but she sure worked hard on it and was proud - she wanted this on Instagram for her fans to see.

Now I need to find a place to put all of these prizes.


Anonymous said...

Her 'airports ' crack me up!! I like the file ( or as Aunty Nonny still calls them : Filishes)
Tell her that Granny likes her fancy bag, w/ the pipe cleaners, and I hope she will make ME one!
How sweet that she wanted you to have a real party for your anniversary!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

The fancy bag is now yours.