Monday, June 24, 2013


Anna June is progressing at a great pace in her reading, even in the summer. She often complains at night when it's time to read, but she is learning nonetheless.

Saturday morning, Radar was barking, and I was busy. I asked AJ to go to the window to see what intruder was causing him to bark so vociferously. AJ reported back, hollering, "It's just the Terminix man." Folks, we don't have Terminix services, although maybe we should. Unless she has seen it on a commercial, she's never heard the word spoken. It occurred to me that SHE READ IT OFF THE SIDE OF THE TRUCK. This is a huge deal to me.

Later, we were at the Crestwood Festival Center and she said, "Wow!" And we asked, "What?" wondering what on earth could be exciting about our local shopping center. There's a gigantic banner that says "22 new shops coming soon!" which she read back to us. We were pretty much beaming.

And of course, with reading comes writing. I was touched and pleased that she came up with this all by herself:

May your day be just as sweet.


Anonymous said...

And I AM BEAMING , just reading about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO Wonderful !!! Aren't those notes too sweet!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

I know! I expected the white board to be used for coloring and drawing, but these sweet notes on there can't be ignored. Also, I hijack it for writing notes to myself.