Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just Chillin

I had to turn around and take a picture of Anna June on Friday evening, as she looked so adorable just chilling in her camp t-shirt and sunglasses.
She's growing up so fast. And yes, she does have shorts on under there somewhere. The trouble with being in the littlest group of campers is that the shirts are all too big!


Anonymous said...

A REAL camp shirt!! (never had one of those!) She be cute in a paper bag!

Laura Gallitz said...

Nowadays, everything is branded. She attended basketball camp for one week in 3K, and got a shirt. Tumblebus gave her a shirt. There were shirts available for VBS, but we didn't buy one, as they were too big. And now camp. They had to wear the camp shirts on a certain day, for pictures, I am assuming.