Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Radar!

On Saturday, Anna June and I celebrated Radar's seventh birthday. After our disaster at the dog park last year, we decided to have a low-key celebration at home with the neighbor dogs he loves the best: Chip and Gutz. They are both owned by ladies named Sandy, incidentally.

Sandy's son Erik came, too. Technically, Erik is Gutz's owner, but Sandy spends a lot of time with him.

We had a dog food cake for the pups, and snacks for the humans, including carrots and hummus, chips and dip, cookies, and pasta salad that was pretty good, if I do say so myself.

The dogs had such a fun time running around and sniffing each other - we all decided we should do it again soon. (Top photo courtesy of Sandy W.)


Anonymous said...

Too funny! I like the lady who came in the fancy party hat! Quite the doggy cake, too, ( Now they will all probably have diarrhea today.) Tell AJ that dogs can become very territorial and unexpectedly aggressive when eating, especially at the same time , out of the same bowl, even if they are usually the nicest dogs around. I worried immediately when I SAW THE pic of her bending over the two dogs eating together .We don't want anything to happen to her sweet little face!! ( Remember Nonny and how Macaroon tried to rip her lips off! And Macaroon LOVED Nonny!!)

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, we didn't let AJ stay like that for long...just a minute. Sandy's hat was a hoot - Chip came in a Do Dah Day t-shirt but it was too big for him. So far, Radar is OK re: digestion, since the party was Saturday and we walked him shortly afterwards.