Saturday, June 22, 2013

Girls' Night Out

I'll have to admit, I was kind of jealous that Ben and Anna June had a daddy-daughter date night. I probably should have gone out with my own dad, but I didn't. I was busy on that particular night.

But soon after that, I called up my mom to tell her I won tickets to a Girls' Night Out event, which served as a book launch party for the debut novel of Liza Elliott, 30-A Supper Club. Because it sounded like a book that we would read, I was very glad Mom was free to come.

I got the tickets from See Jane Write, a local organization for women writers of all types: bloggers, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, journalists, etc. This has been an incredible community, and I am so glad to be a small part of it! My goals for this year include actually attending some events, but for now, I was very, very glad to meet up with the group's leader, Javacia Bowser, to get the tickets! I felt like this came at a good time, because I was at the (hopeful end) of a streak of bad luck. 

We had a nice time meeting all of the female-focused vendors, and learning about Glenwood, the agency that benefited from the event. There was a fashion show, and a fitness hoop demonstration. We both won door prizes! Mom won a cute charm bracelet with baseball bats, gloves and balls, and I won a gorgeous nightgown from White Flowers Gallery in Homewood.

The party was held at the Summit Club, on the top floors of the Regions-Harbert Plaza. I only took one picture that night, and it was of the cool wine-glass chandelier in the lobby of the club. It looked beautiful (but impossible to dust).

Anna June got to stay with her granddaddy while Ben studied that night, and AJ hatched a plan - she decided that if she was in bed when I returned, she would HAVE to be allowed to spend the night. So she bathed and got in bed before 8 pm. She admitted that she started out faking, but ended up falling asleep. She slept over 11 hours - more than I've been able to get her to sleep maybe ever. She is a stinker, but I was glad for it, and glad she has her own "room" at Nana and Granddaddy's house. Of course, she'll have to share it with Wesley when he gets big enough to spend time over there, too.

All in all, it was a good night for everyone.


Anonymous said...

WOw, you won a nightgown---cool!!!!!! I'm glad you do things for ypurself once in a while! See-- I am sure your bad streak is gone for good already!

Laura Gallitz said...

No, my streak of bad luck has not ended. I just spent an hour taking an online course for work only to discover it was the wrong one. Back to the drawing board.