Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Review: Resting

Anna June didn't really want it, but we had a pretty low-key weekend for us. Ben and I are trying to rest and get rid of our colds once and for all before our family excursion next weekend to the beach.

Friday night, we did go out and meet up with some friends for dinner. Then we went home and watched Snow White. Actually, AJ watched Snow White and I fell asleep. Luckily, I have seen it before. I woke up in time for AJ to jump up and down when the prince kissed Snow White. We still think it's creepy that some guy would kiss a corpse, but, hey, happy ending.

Saturday, we stayed in and did laundry and cleaned our bathrooms. We went out to lunch and did some shopping, then we went home and I napped. We then went out and did more shopping and came home and went to bed after AJ did her own pedicure (I did her fingernails), and she called her imaginary friends on the phone to invite them to a party on Thursday after school. Evidently, they're all bringing Crunchberry cereal. 

Sunday, AJ and I made an attempt to forge a path through her room. Then we went to church, we all went to eat Chinese food and, you guessed it, more shopping.

These were our fortunes: top to bottom, AJ's, Ben's, mine. Looks like we'd better keep doing what we're doing.

Then we came home and I napped. Ben and AJ took advantage of the beautiful day and played baseball in the backyard. She's getting better and better each time. Our friend came over to do some preventive maintenance on our air conditioner, and then I took AJ to sign up for the summer reading program at the library. (Side note: I signed her up as an "independent reader" this time, so she'll have to read to me!) She then went to visit my parents - she made them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner - and Ben and I had date night at home watching a movie.

I know it sounds boring, since we're used to going to fun events, festivals and parties all weekend, but it was truly delightful to not have a deadline and to be able to run errands without rushing, knowing we could leave as soon as our runny noses dictated. We'll catch Do Dah Day next year - AJ wants to dress Radar up as Batman.


Anonymous said...

Are you still thinking of planning a party for AJ this summer? Sounds like she is up to that. I don't know if you guys are.......cut e that she git so excited about Snow white. Did n't the witch scare her? Has she sworn of APPLES?

Laura Gallitz said...

I think that since she knew the story of Snow White, it helped a little. And no, she took an apple for a snack the next day. We may still do some sort of end-of-summer party...I don't know. Right now the imaginary parties are taking it out of me. She hosted an imaginary party for her invisible friend Kimberly, who is moving to New England last night. Sigh.