Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Review: Mother's Day

Anna June worked hard to give me a good Mother's Day weekend. Here's the rundown:

Friday - I got off early to take AJ to her friend Ava's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese after a quick errand to our local neighborhood store, Freshfully. AJ had a blast at the party playing with her friends, and got lucky on one of the games and won 75 tickets at once! She ended up with a ring, a fake bug, some Twizzlers, and a rocket before we left.

Ben stayed home and rested - he took a sick day with his terrible cold. I was supposed to go out to another party after putting AJ to bed, but her exhausted crying didn't make me feel good about leaving her with my sick husband, so I skipped it.

Saturday - We met our friend Meg at Crestwood Park for a walk. AJ decided that she'd rather jog than walk. If she counted her laps correctly, she ran 8 laps, which is two miles! She took appropriate breaks, but still, we were impressed. We started discussions about her running in the Mercedes Kids Marathon next year. (Don't worry, it's not all 26.1 miles at once.) She says she wants to do it, but we'll see later on.

Then we went to Trussville to get AJ's hair cut. I told Cindy it just couldn't be too short. I think it looks adorable - almost a curly pageboy. AJ doesn't like it, but, well, I just couldn't take the sheep dog look one more day. I enjoy seeing my child's eyes again.

We went out for lunch with Ben, and then returned him home to rest. In fact, I took a nap while AJ watched TV. Then we went to the carnival. Instead of our limited time there last year, we took advantage of the all-you-can-ride wristbands and rode every single ride we were allowed to - there were 3 that AJ wasn't big enough to ride, even with an adult. We had a great time, and stayed over 2.5 hours!

We were hot and tired, so we picked Ben up and went to Sonic for slushes. It was a good decision!

Later, we went to my friend Tammy's house to welcome our friend Shelley's new husband to North America. Born in Costa Rica, Jorge Gonzalez is now living in Huntsville with his new bride. We were excited to meet him. We were asked to bring him a welcome gift that was "made in the USA" so we got him some Grapico, peanuts and strawberries. Ben and I also made him a CD of songs by Americans or at least about Americans, including an obnoxiously long live version of Alabama's "My Home's in Alabama." He's gotta get to know our culture some way, right? The CD cover had pictures of Shelley and me from high school - my dearest friends were all together in one place again, and we took some pictures, including ones where we were standing in the same order as our Roundtable Feast picture. Someone pointed out that we were 18 in that picture, and it had been 18 years since then. Double our age! Whoa! AJ enjoyed playing with the other kids there and I enjoyed visiting and eating a bunch of things that were not on my diet.

Sunday - Mother's Day! Anna June and Ben had already given me a preview of the way I'd be spoiled. AJ gave me a flower pen in its own pot, decorated with her thumb prints, and a handmade card. Ben had given me a dozen pink roses (he had to go 5 places to find decent ones). On Sunday morning, AJ woke me with a beautiful sterling silver "Mom" charm bracelet. Ben gave me the Zumba Rush for XBox Kinect. I can't wait to do these workouts! Then they let me stay in bed while they made cinnamon rolls, bacon and fruit salad for breakfast. After church, we went to Rusty's for lunch, where I enjoyed a special Mother's Day lunch from Rusty and Beth. Then we went home for a nap - so nice (even though AJ didn't nap). AJ and I took Radar to Vulcan Trail for a walk, even though AJ wanted to go somewhere else. We walked a little while, ran an errand, and came home to a resting (still recovering) Ben. We Skyped with Grandpa and Grammy, and then went to my parents house where I got to see my mom, grandmother, and Liz, the other mamas in my family, as well as Aunt Vicki, visiting from Florida. We had fun playing with the baby and looking at old pictures. We also left with an assignment to come to Florida to give some technical support on Uncle Dennis' computer and Aunt Vicki's Kindle. Ben can't even get a break on vacation!

We're exhausted but we had a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh, she looks adorable!! I too am happy to see her shining eyes!!( Her sweet face is so delicate, that her hair was beginning to hide her beauty too much ).I am reminded of when we were looking at her photos ( I think of when Erica shot her ) , and I remarked about how her eyes had stars in them ...I think that she liked that remark, because later she repeated it about her eyes( "yeah, they have stars in them ...")AND IT IS TRUE!!!!!!!SHe sure is looking grown up. And doing lots of 'big girl ' things, like the carnival rides. Love to hear that she loves to run.... Krakers were always the fastest runners in the whole school !!!!!!!!Glad you had a nice Holiday!

Laura Gallitz said...

She's getting more and more athletic. I chalk that up to good genes on her father's side.