Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Review: Aaargh

Anna June's weekend went by too quickly.
FRIDAY : Pizza and Brave. AJ did get scared during the intense parts. She slept on a pallet on our floor that night.
SATURDAY: Avondale's Pop-up project, sponsored by Rev Birmingham. I dropped AJ off at my parents house when she decided she didn't want to come after all. She enjoyed a home cooked breakfast and watching TV while I enjoyed 30 minutes of Zumba and 30 minutes of yoga. I visited with friends, shopped, and then ate a quick breakfast and ran an errand before getting AJ. It was fantastic. Then we went home and did a bunch of laundry while AJ made a mess ( she discovered the hole puncher). I napped - it was fantastic. We got up and went to the park - I walked Radar while AJ demonstrated her prowess on the rings to Ben and some of our friends we ran into. Our girl is strong! Saturday night we went to Rusty's and visited with my grandma and Aunt Heidi, in town for my cousin Morgan's graduation from U of A.
SUNDAY: We skipped church to honor AJ's wish of staying home, and so I could attend the free yoga class at Freshfully. It was great fun and an awesome workout, but because of the time slot, I probably won't be back soon. Before I left, we made frozen berry snacks, and then ate yogurt parfaits with the leftovers. AJ and Ben played card and board games, bathed the dog, swept the kitchen and upgraded the laptop. We then went to Moe's to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Then, after a (very) short rest, AJ and I headed to William's Peter Pan themed birthday party. Guests were encouraged to come in costume : the birthday boy was Peter Pan, his mom was Wendy, his dad was Captain Hook, his nanny was a mermaid, his sister was Tinkerbell, and his grandmother was Nana the dog. Nana was the most comfortable of all, as her full-length faux fur coat kept her warm on a freakishly cold day. Despite the cold and rain, there was an inflatable pirate ship, and AJ had a grand time bouncing.
AJ intended to be Hook, so I bought a red t-shirt and planned to make it into her costume. She freaked out and did not want it. I looked up how to make a Peter Pan costume, but she didn't want that, either. Finally, I convinced her that she could be a girl version of Mr. Smee, with his striped shirt, based in her already existing dress. She went for it. She said that Smee was, "really sort of a good guy." She was OK with it.
She got an eye patch and earring set from the treasure chest pinata, and she got the book Peter Pan as well as a plastic hook as party favors. Between all of those things, the pirate cake from Edgar's and the Cinco de Mayo-themed food and drinks (taquitos! Margaritas!) and seeing our fun friends, it was truly a party we did not want to leave.

We did a little dollar store run before returning hone, Skyping with Grandpa and Grammy, and then rushing off again to take AJ to visit my dad while we had a quick date at Chen Express. It was nice to be out together: our weekly lunch date didn't pan out this week.
I will say this weekend was not all fun and games. AJ has not been listening to us very well, so getting her to do any thing is dreadful. And don't get me started on bedtime. Whew!
Here's to an upcoming week full of highlights.


Anonymous said...

Smee-ette! I see she's giving her very best Pirate scowl, and wearing her very best pirate socks !!! AJ! Love her!! Some things don't change, thank goodness. That sounds like a Fantastic party! Something --a lot of somethings for everybody!

Laura Gallitz said...

She loves that hook - she was trying to comb her hair with it.