Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Things: Dollar Tree

I took Anna June with me on Sunday to pick up a few things at our local dollar store. Yes, it's a chain, and yes, everything they have is junky, but some of the junk happens to be useful. This time, I bought garlic salt and measuring spoons (after 10 years, the printed measurements had washed off!). I picked up some candy for Ben to enjoy while studying, and AJ got a new chalk holder for her sidewalk art escapades.

We also purchased a box of tissue, as we'd gotten word from her teacher that their room was running out of their supply.

On Monday morning, AJ got the Kleenex out of her backpack and ran around the corner to give it to her teacher. "Thank you! Thank you!" Mrs. D said. She was glad someone remembered her plea. Then, AJ leaned in to her and said, like it was a big secret, "Hey. Dollar Tree."

At five years old, she's already picked up the cultural quirk of sharing where we get our bargains. It's the same reason that I say, "Thanks! It's a hand-me-down." Or, "I think my sister-in-law got this for me at Goodwill!"

At any rate, I'm glad they have more tissues, as AJ's nose has been running and she's probably the reason they ran out in the first place. 

Thing we love: Dollar Tree
Why we love it: For last minute school requests, and various other junk we need.


Anonymous said...

hey, NO snobbery here! Some things , it just doesn't pay to go anywhere else, except the Dollar Store. ( my latest purchase there was a hand , which cost $6.99 at Pick n'SAve).AJ will know the value of a buck!

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Laura Gallitz said...

LOL! I thought $1 was kinda cheap for a hand.