Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Anna June's school had their Pre-K end-of-the-year program today. Just like in a "real" graduation, the children each walked across the stage to get their certificate.
Unfortunately, a memo went home about not blocking the view of the other parents with the pictures and the video, so I didn't.

I did notice that AJ and her friend Madison wore nearly identical dresses. AJ accessorized with a white headband, while Madison's bow was purple. And Madison's dress had a floral accent on the front and was longer, while AJ, wearing last year's model (gasp!) had a higher hemline. Madison also had a beautiful slip underneath, which enhanced the neckline, while AJ went more traditional. Who wore it best? Both!

Happy graduation!


Anonymous said...

What an adorable picture! AJ looks really, really lovely! It is a bonus to be thin enough to wear last years dress!!Its a NICE dress! But where does the school get off mandating white dresses for the girls?? Ther e must be SOME who would find that an imposition! So. when does day camp start??

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, it was strongly suggested rather than mandated. Some girls wore cream, some wore white with purple flowers, etc. But here's the good part - the teachers let us know in early March that this would be happening in late May. As this is Alabama, even the poorest of the poor still try to dress up their children for Easter. So the note from the Pre-K teachers went out in time to kindly suggest that we get a white dress this Easter that could do double-duty as the graduation dress. With ample time to buy, order, borrow or put on layaway, all the young ladies were impeccably dressed!

Yes, I was thanking you again from afar for this beautiful dress. And yes, I can't believe it still fit her. She does much better with dresses because one is not sure exactly how long it was supposed to be in the first place. She is so lanky - it is wonderful. They put her on the back row with the tall children, where I am sure she'll stay for a while!

For us, Day Camp will start on June 10. After our vacation week, AJ will attend Vacation Bible School at Avondale Methodist Church for half days with many of her friends. Then she'll go to camp for 8 weeks. I just paid today, so I sure hope she likes it!