Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Anna June went to visit our friends while we were all at the beach. Unfortunately, the other girls were worn out by the time we got there, and AJ was left to play with the grown ups by herself. She was very brave, and our friend Jeremy took some fabulous pictures of her. These are my favorites.


Anonymous said...

That first photo is sooooo pretty! Nonny and I just went , "Oh!" when it popped up. ( She said it'll be her new wall paper). Looks like she had a good time in the water! Good weather?? How was the Donut Shop?? What else did you guys do ??

Laura Gallitz said...

She is beautiful and he's a great photographer! I was thinking of changing my wallpaper, too, but I can't decide which recent picture to use.

She had a great time in the water. She wasn't scared at all.

The weather was probably the best I've ever seen at the beach. Not one drop of rain, and not too terribly hot.

The doughnut shop was great. The first day, we all three waited 45 minutes for our food. The next two days, I went alone to stand in line and brought it back. On Sunday, even though I got there about 6:15, I still had to wait 15 minutes in line. On Monday, I set an alarm for 5:55 and got there right at 6, and only had to wait 10 minutes. You know, though, they are the best donuts I have ever eaten, and that is saying something.

We pretty much ate and swam. We visited friends on Sunday, and family on Monday. We only had to go to Target once. We ate out every meal (no cooking for me!) and spent a lot of time wrangling through the crowds everywhere we went. It was still really, really fun.