Saturday, May 18, 2013

Best Day

Anna June painted her own toenails tonight. She declared this to be, "The best day of my life." She was eager to prove that she could do it. "Pretty good for a five-year-old, huh?" She asked her dad. Barbie blue nail polish was a gift from Aunt Beth. 


Anonymous said...

Her toes are TOTALLY Kraker toes. As Colleen once told Peter, our great toe 'looks like a cobra'. And , yes! she did a better job than I do , as her Auntie Nonny will attest.
I am currently nursing a VERY sore great toe---I was starting some work on the patio, and dragged a 50 # bag of sand over my foot. I t caught my toe nail in such a way as to rip it almost off. It bled a lot, and will probably fall off sooner or later, but for now is swollen and red and SORE!!!!!..Ah well. I am soaking it even as I write .
Tell AJ I am proud of her accomplishment , and am so glad it gave her such a tremendous day!

Laura Gallitz said...

Granny, you need a handy man! I hope your toe gets well soon. AJ's toes are part of why she's so picky about shoes, I think.

We have to redo her mani-pedi tonight because the Barbie nail polish is not made for long-lasting wear. We have plenty of other kinds, though!