Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Banana Bread

Anna June asked me the other day if we could bring a snack for her whole class. Touched by her spirit of generosity, I agreed.

She came home last night and told me that she checked with her teacher and it would be OK for us to bring a snack today.

As in, the next day. Short notice isn't really my thing.

I started rattling off things I could bake with what I had on hand: cookies, cupcakes, banana nut bread.

AJ picked the banana bread. Not muffins, but bread.

In a way, I was relieved. I hate wasting food, and I had just bought a bunch of bananas at Aldi that were proving too mushy too eat on their own.

AJ promised to help, after she watched Bob the Builder. I haven't managed to sit through an episode, but I like Bob. His motto is "Yes we can!" (Side note: pretty sure President Obama ripped this slogan off Bob. Still like it, though.) With Bob's cheery optimism coming from the next room, I could hardly give up and skip the task. I gathered the ingredients.

True to her word, AJ donned an apron and started stirring. Then, she got distracted and disappeared, leaving my ideal scene of Mom and daughter baking together in the kitchen and sharing quality time in the dust of flour surrounding me. I don't know what was so important, but I got the loaf in the oven all by myself.

I kind of wished I were the little red hen and could eat it all by myself, too.

AJ insists this 8" loaf will be enough for her 19 kid class. God has certainly worked bigger miracles. Actually, by the time you weed out all the kids who can't have nuts or sugar, and take out the kids who don't like bananas or bread, there may even be more than enough.

I can't wait for the reviews.


Anonymous said...

Lets see.... that makes for a 1 x1 inch square of banana bread per child........AJ KNOWS how to figures portions. now???? YOU have much faith in that girl.......

Laura Gallitz said...

Yeah, I know. The good news is that no one else knew we were supposed to be bringing a snack, so everyone brought snacks as usual. I'm assuming if their miniscule square wasn't enough then they could just eat what they packed.