Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Review: Rockin

Anna June had a mostly rocking weekend.

On Friday night, she made up songs while Ben and I tackled a pile of dishes. If I am not mistaken, one of her lyrics was "We don't wanna go/to Taziki's/because they don't have frozen toes!" We went to Pizza Hut to spend her Book It! coupon. When she asked if she could get a final refill of Sierra Mist, she said, "Can I have one for the road?" So cute. We came home and watched Enchanted, finally, since she asked for a "good and scary" film. Afterwards, she decided it wasn't scary at all. We both loved it. Thanks again, Michele! The gift that keeps on giving! 

Saturday was beautiful weather and we headed to eat breakfast on a patio, but as our local fave Big Blue Bagel is temporarily closed (the sign says it will open under new management), we ended up at McDonald's. We then went home to tackle our office, our home's catch-all room, and also a dungeon of sorts. I tried calling it an "office party" to make it more fun. AJ saw through my ruse, stating that if we weren't having guests it wasn't really a party. I told her there would be music and food, so after a while, she started asking me where the food was. I delegated that responsibility to her, as she had bailed on her shredding responsibilities - I designated her chief shredder but she quickly got bored. 

She took her party hostess duties seriously. She got out plates and bowls, and filled the bowls with snack food. We had fruit salad, raisins, peanuts, cashews, and oyster crackers. It was a nice break, and it was so sweet knowing she did it all herself and from the heart.

On Sunday, AJ and I went to Junior Achievement's Hot Biz in the City Pop-Up Bazaar at Railroad Park. I went a little nuts, buying a ton of stuff (for myself), but it was retail therapy, time with AJ, time in the sunshine, and supporting local micro and small businesses in the area. One artist even told me my purchase put her from "breaking even" into "officially profitable" for the day. She gave me a discount. It warmed my heart. And I've gotten at least 3 compliments on my top I bought from some stylish ladies. Win, win, win! 

Other highlights included watching the Brewers' game and shopping at the Outlet Shops of Grand River, but those are the highlights. 

I hope you have a great week.


SRG said...

I think watching that Brewers game was also a lowlight.

Laura Gallitz said...

I just reread that sentence and it should go in the Department of Redundancy Department. :) Anyway, yes, the Brewers are disappointing so far, but I was glad we could watch it at home for a change.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a natural , with her guitar and that microphone!!!Maybe it is a portentious type photo!(as in 'foreshadowing', as I think I may have invented 'portentious') Good thing Nonny wasn't present w/ you at that bazaar; I think she would have definitely bought out that artist whom you linked to. ( I think , in fact, that she may have purchased from that artisan once before...) .Anyway, it sounds like great fun, and I am a firm believer in treating ones self every now and then... P.s. envy your great weather...we are bogged down in wet and mud , and the dogs are intent on bringing the whole muddy mess into the house with them; you would NOT BELIEVE!!

Laura Gallitz said...

AJ is initially shy, but she's so creative. She is always making up songs - I really hope when she gets older she'll put pen to paper and learn an instrument. Honestly, some things she writes at age 5 are better than what's on the radio. Our weather is gorgeous today again, but it is supposed to turn nasty on Wednesday and Thursday. I have loved Christy Turnipseed's work for a long time - I am glad I finally got one of her necklaces. Nonny would have loved this particular show. There was tons of stuff. AJ didn't come away empty-handed, either.

Sorry it's raining and the dogs are messy. Ben has been giving the new steam cleaner a workout with Radar's messes.

Liz said...

Love those pictures. She is such a rock star!