Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend Review: Party Down

Anna June had a great weekend. We attended Teygan's birthday party on Saturday (with a Brave theme) and then Dorothy's birthday party at iJump Crestwood on Sunday. It was fun. We're still exhausted.

There may be pictures somewhere. I'll have to check.

This morning, AJ asked if we could just stay home all day. I have to admit - I was tempted. The weather is beautiful - not a cloud in the sky, with a high of around 82. I just looked at my calendar and I don't see a day in the near future where we could just stay home all day. I will keep looking. It sounds delightful.

Work is crazy for me right now. Ben is beginning his Master's in Information Security program from Western Governor's University effective tomorrow, so home is going to be a big adjustment, as well. He's been starting with studying, so we've been finding ways to stay out of his hair. It's going to be an interesting couple of years.

AJ's school is really busy, too, getting ready for the end of the year in just a few weeks. May 24 is their last day of Pre-K. Before then, there's a zoo field trip, field day, PTA meeting, teacher's appreciation week, a talent show, an end of the year "awards" (graduation) program, and more.

However, here are some things we're looking forward to - summer!

1. Beach trip to the Gulf coast. Dates and locations haven't been nailed down yet, but it will happen.
2. New floors in our den and hallway.
3. Trip to Milwaukee during the Wisconsin State Fair
4. Visiting a friend at the lake. We've been listening to this song at Zumba, and I keep dreaming about this.
5. Radar's birthday, of course.
6. Eight weeks at day camp at the UAB Rec Center
7. Summer reading at our library. This year, AJ will get to read the books herself!
8. Our 11th anniversary
9.Continuing on our quest to be healthier.
10. Not wearing uniforms!

The honeysuckle bloomed in our yard this morning. I made sure to take a deep breath. It will be gone before we know it, just like each season.


Anonymous said...

Very excited about your new floors, are you? Too. am I. ( I don't know myself, why this is in Yoda-speak) Summer sounds great for all, especially the week of the Wisconsin State Fair!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you personally acquainted w/ the summer Day camp? End of school this month already!! I can hardly believe it ! It's like you started the school year off with a little kid, and ended up w/ a GIRL!AG

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, I don't have any first hand knowledge of the summer day camp, but many of AJ's friends from school have been before (they also have one-day camps on school break days sometimes) and have loved it. Also, I used to be a member of the Campus Rec Center and it is a lovely facility. It's only blocks from my office and I'm looking forward to learning more about it.

I'm excited about the floors - I guess I should call the contractor!