Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thinking Thursday: Best Report Card Yet

On Monday, Anna June got her third report card. It seems that she's made a lot of progress, and achieved nearly every goal. All but one, in fact. She hasn't mastered cause and effect, according to this report, but aside from that, she's achieved all the benchmarks Birmingham thinks she needs to know in PreK.

I am sure there will be some kind of end-of-the-year report, and probably one more mid-term progress report, but aside from that, this is the last one. Strange to think - it feels like we just started on this adventure.

I am so proud of my girl!


Anonymous said...


I disagree w/ the 'cause and effect' thing------WHAT do you think they are measuring this against?? SHE HAS known for ages that if she doesn't eat her food, there will be no candy, ETC ETC ETC. And she seems to be doing well w/ her math concepts; If that isn't ' cause and effect ' . I don't know what is .

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, I sort of agree and sort of disagree. First of all, as Ben and I have discovered on employee evaluation forms - you can't give a perfect score. Then your bosses start to worry about you inflating your opinions of your employees/students and ignoring their flaws because you work with them closely and like them. Everyone always has room to improve. And furthermore, I think AJ doesn't understand cause and effect because she keeps asking me questions like "why" things are a certain way and how things are made, and my answer is always "I'm not sure." I look a lot of stuff up for her. This week it has been about popping ears on airplanes and the little vortex caused in the bathtub when one pulls the plug. Air pressure and velocity are hard for me to explain! But she is starting to learn a little about consequences: she willfully disobeyed us on Monday night and she's living without her Kindle for a whole week! So yeah, she does get that part.