Saturday, April 20, 2013


Anna June is fine. This week has been insane. I was so stressed yesterday that I developed a twitch: not a good look.

Anyway, here are some things:

AJ has learned to operate ponytail holders. This resulted in her leaving for school with about five in her hair at once. Later in the week, I tried to help her with her hair, which resulted in tears. Therefore, she can look like a clown if she wants.

The weather here went from a high of 85 to a high of 58. Wearing long sleeves/jackets again resulted in much whining, and not just from AJ.

I dumped all 700 plus pictures from my iPhone onto my computer, with Ben's help. I'll be working on sorting them into folders and posting them into our web albums soon. Sorry for the delay.

My Grandma Hazel was hospitalized due to what appears to be a light stroke. She is doing well and is home now - she'll have some folks coming to the house to help her.

I went to a PTA meeting that featured Stephen Cockrell from The Woodlawn Foundation. The foundation seeks to improve our area by developing mixed income housing, attracting business, improving access to services, and (most importantly) education. They are planning an early child care center for low-income families, and are now working with the Birmingham City Schools to implement a pipeline of students ready for college through innovative learning techniques at Avondale, Oliver, Hayes, Putnam and Woodlawn schools. They will focus on science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). If this comes to be, AJ will be very excited, I can just bet.

For example, on the way to school this week she asked a dozen questions about ants: what colors do they come in? What do they eat? How do they bite you? Which ones are fire ants? Etc. I had no answers, but told her teacher she was interested and then they discussed bugs in class. Cool, right?

Another exciting school thing is that Pre-K got to check out books from the school library this week. After signing permission forms months ago, I had almost given up on this happening. AJ picked "Just Me And My Dad" by Mercer Mayer. She sat right down at the kitchen table and read it to her dad. He kept stopping to comment on how she's "really reading!" It was an exciting moment.

And speaking of the library, my mom took AJ to the public library on Monday afternoon at my request. (Tumblebus is over, but library time may be equally fun... at least for Nana) They loaded up on science books, as I want to give her knowledge when she asks me all these great questions, like "What is steam?" So we've been reading about water, measuring, plants and more, stopping frequently for more questions.

I am hoping getting back to the library more will encourage AJ to read more and better, although she's doing fine in that area. I even had AJ read me bedtime stories. She chose her sight word readers because she knows all the words. She still prefers easy to hard. Don't we all?

Last night instead of pizza and a movie, we did Mexican and a movie. At El Cazador, AJ burned herself on the "HOT Plate!" the waiter warned us about. I had to take her outside to calm her down. That hasn't happened in maybe years. We watched The Borrowers, which AJ liked. I fell asleep in her bed while reading to her, which happens frequently. Sometimes I am reading words but drift off while talking. I sleep read the same book twice recently...I never did find out what became of Ned the Donkey!

Last weekend, we attended the Tempo festival, which benefited Childcare Resources and was focused on healthy family fun, including bike riding. There was a real bike race, and the streets were closed off when we arrived. We parked near a construction zone, which AJ crossed carefully on the way in, but on the way out (down a ramp) she had her first official bike wreck into the large gravel. She was very brave and the leg is healing nicely.

Now that it is the weekend again, it is time to continue decompressing, and run off to play dates and laundry, date night and errands. Catch you later, readers!

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