Monday, April 22, 2013


Anna June is obsessed with monkey bars. On Saturday, we visited Maddie's house and discovered that AJ was brave enough and strong enough to cross the play structure on her own power. She played for about an hour. She didn't even want to come inside when it was time to play dress-up. She wanted to keep climbing.

Sunday plans included another play date, this time at Triangle Park. She went to bed and woke up talking about whether or not that particular park had adequate climbing equipment - she could not wait to be back on the monkey bars!

It turns out the park does have bars, but they are not stationary. One can swing more like an actual monkey. AJ and another kid her size at the park agreed that they much preferred rife bars at a respective schools that stay still. These were a bit too scary.

I'm thrilled she's developing her upper body strength, enjoying the outdoors during this stretch of nice weather, and building confidence from her physical achievements.


Anonymous said...

Cute pic!

How is your Grandma? AG

Laura Gallitz said...


Grandma is doing fine. She will likely go home from the hospital today. Blood pressure issues persist, but they are likely to continue.

Liz said...

I love her persistence! When we took her to the park that Friday of her spring break, she would get on the first rung and then drop (which I'm pretty sure is what I did my entire childhood). I'm so impressed that she has accomplished this in just a few weeks :)

Laura Gallitz said...

I know! We are so impressed by this incredible feat!