Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Photo: Cookie People

Anna June was lucky enough to get one of these gingerbread people.

Can you guess how many there are? 230.

230 is the number of people helped by the UAB Benevolent Fund's Employee Emergency Assistance Program last year. It was a dramatic increase over previous years, so we decided to celebrate with some cookies from Mix bakery downtown at our kickoff event, featuring 15 local agencies that benefit directly from our donations.

It was definitely worth celebrating.

We're in the midst of our annual Benevolent Fund campaign, so my brain may be clouded and my posts may not be regular. I'm charged with convincing all 200+ employees in our division to donate to the cause this year.


Anonymous said...

That is a very powerful graphic of the number of people assisted! (did you come up with that ??)

And what will Anna Junes' role be this year?

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, my committee came up with that, in a very productive meeting in which I participated. I have no idea whose idea it was, really, but it evolved and I really like how it turned out. Our poor program manager drilled 230 holes in foam board and made the stands for the display!

AJ's role has yet to be determined. She gets out of school early on 4/22, so I may draft her to help deliver candy to donors again.