Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Review: Quick Rundown

Anna June had a pretty low-key weekend, and it worked out great for us. Here is the rundown of our weekend (I'm really busy at work and will stick to bullet points today)
Friday night - pizza and The Smurfs 3D movie
Saturday - 
  • Chuck E. Cheese birthday party for Allison P. 
  • Playing at home, cleaning up
  • Window salesman from The Home Depot - we finally made a decision: vinyl, for better or worse.
  • Date night, including AJ spending the night with Nana and Granddaddy
  • Got to hold baby Wesley, who turned 2 months old! (and we saw his parents, too.)

Conversation wherein AJ and my dad were trying to convince me to let her spend the night -
Dad: Let me plead your case. I'm a lawyer.
AJ: Well, you're sort of retired!
I had to let her stay after that to make him feel better!

Sunday -
  • Laundry (I may have set a personal record of number of loads washed, dried, folded, and put away)
  • Church
  • Hanging pictures in AJ's room
  • Walking Radar for AJ and Ben, shopping for something that doesn't exist in our neighborhood for me
  • Dinner at Rusty's (AJ did her own wardrobe, hair, jewelry and makeup for the occasion)

That's about it. I hope to have more later in the week.


Granny Annie and Auntie Nonny said...

HA HA!!!!
That girl can cut to the core of the matter!!

Laura Gallitz said...

She is hilarious. I sort of wish I could just follow her with a camera crew- we'd have enough footage for a reality show for sure.