Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Things: Candy

Anna June received an early birthday card from Ms. Susan tonight. She opened it in the car. She showed it to me and said, "It says, 'Happy birthday, Princess!'" Which it did. This girl is starting to read, ladies and gentlemen. I am very excited about this.

Then she opened the card and screamed "BIRTHDAY MONEY!" It was $2.00, with instructions to head to Dollar Tree and pick out a couple of things.

We were headed to Brookwood Mall, and, needless to say, the money was burning a hole in AJ's pocket. I really thought it might be - she kept taking it out of her pocket!

The reason we'd come to the mall was to get a new belt. We went to Belk and found one suitable for uniforms in the boy's section. I told the cashier that I couldn't find any belts in the girls' section, and she said, "Oh, we don't sell girls' belts." Well, I suppose that's why I couldn't find one!

As soon as we checked out, AJ was on the march to ABC Toys, where she found some candy at $1.99. She was surprised when it rang up at $2.19 - I had to explain sales tax to her!

She ate a quick dinner at Chick-fil-A in the food court and then devoured her gummy worms.

AJ loves candy more than just about anything on earth. The fruitier and more artificially colored, the better. I prefer chocolate myself, and, while AJ also likes chocolate, she's a sucker for a sucker. We have tubs, boxes, and bags of it around the house. We've warned AJ about the evils of sugar, and she's taken them to heart, but how can you deny this sweetie pie some gummy worms?


Anonymous said...

SO very nice of Ms. Susan!!!
If I get strapped for gift ideas, Its always good to know that good old moola excites her!! ( and , thinking of new stuff is getting harder and harder as she gets older, btw!)

Laura Gallitz said...

AJ does like money. And Target and Toys R Us. But mostly, she likes seeing her grandparents. So save your money and buy plane tickets! (not necessarily for this trip - future ones!)