Friday, March 22, 2013

Slightly Obsessed

Anna June is a great helper. On Sunday night, when we attended Swine and Wine, I sent her around with some business cards with a message about the voting currently taking place on Year of Alabama Food's Facebook page. She passed them out like a pro, handing them to bloggers, parents, and kids alike. (I did help a little.)

While it's just a popularity contest to some, for Rusty's this is a great viral marketing opportunity, seeing as how the winner of this contest gets not only bragging rights and free publicity from the contest itself, but will also get local television air time, something we've never had.

Unfortunately, in the first round, we're up against Saw's BBQ, a restaurant with 3 locations, a celebrity investor, a recent shout-out in Southern Living and almost zero negative reviews.

At present, Rusty's has received over a thousand votes from our friends, family, and fans. Saw's has over 1100. 

Our family had to bring out the big guns - our little helpers.

First up was the biggest ammo: baby Wesley.
At 10 weeks old, this is his first modeling gig. Did it like a pro!

And then, this morning, I had AJ write her own message. We're a bit of a copy cat here, but I did want to show off her penmanship skills. AJ is really competitive and likes to win. Don't disappoint her!

I'm asking one more time if you're on Facebook, please go to Year of Alabama Food and find the question about Saw's vs. Rusty's. Click the button next to Rusty's. Voting closes tomorrow, Saturday, March 23 in the morning, so DO IT NOW! Our family thanks you!

If Rusty's loses this contest, it will not be from lack of trying. It is truly an honor to be in such good company. If Rusty's wins, it will face the legendary Dreamland. We're in it to win it, y'all.


Judy Smith said...

I haven't checked to see how it went. So are we headed to Round 2?

I'm glad I finally found Anna June's blog. She needs it. I hope she wasn't supposed to hunt Easter eggs this afternoon. The kids at my church are supposed to be having an egg hunt right now. It was scheduled for 2:00. At almost exactly two, the rain started.

See you next Sunday.

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, Rusty's is heading to round 2! Voting starts Monday. Thanks for all your help!

AJ was supposed to hunt Easter eggs today with her school friends, but she started throwing up again, so we changed plans. She's invited to another hunt on Sat - going to hope for good weather and good health.