Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Anna June!

Anna June is a kid who has everything. Now, she's a 5-year-old kid who has everything!

What do you get a kid who has everything?

A Kindle Fire.

Yes, I know it is ridiculous to give a little girl an expensive present, but hear us out.

First of all, we got a protective case.

Second of all, we laid down some ground rules:

- If Mom or Dad are talking to you, you must look them in the eye.
- If you're asked to put it down and you don't do it immediately, it will be taken away.
- No bragging about it at school, where kids may not be as fortunate.
- When it's time to turn it off, no whining.

AJ's school has iPads, so she's familiar with the format.

Also, Ben and I both have tablets, and, well, we sort of wanted them back.

Finally, here is the "killer" feature that made us get it. With Kindle Free Time, the kid's profile will have exclusive kid content - no in-app purchases allowed, nothing she's not supposed to see. More videos, games, apps, and books than we can shake a stick at. Many books can read to the child and highlight words as they go along. It's actually a really neat thing for a kid who is on the cusp of "really" reading. 

So, here's what else we did for her birthday so far, besides the room remodel.

AJ and I had a lovely lunch. AJ ate every bite of her Lunchables (her special birthday lunch request), and I ate every bite of my taquito, rice, potatoes, banana pudding and chocolate milk. It was a kid-size portion. AJ "bought" my lunch by typing in her lunch number. We sat down, and the principal, Dr. Curry, made it a point to come to sit with us. It was actually very nice.

When we returned to the classroom, I then read McElligot's Pool by Dr. Seuss, a book that Mrs. D and I had never heard of, but it turned out to be a good story.

I had all the children call me Mrs. Gallitz instead of "Anna June's mom". Mrs. D. and Mrs. Sabra were impressed by my unrehearsed performance. The book had a subtle message of optimism and environmental responsibility along with a healthy dose of imagination. We talked about what we liked and didn't like about the book. The teachers said I should be a teacher!

Then, they had an early recess because all the kids were hyped up and squirmy - they were going out as I was leaving, all bundled up and ready for some sunshine.

I asked AJ if she was having an OK day, and she said she was.

"Know what the best part was?" she asked me, conspiratorially.

I thought she was going to say that it was that I came to her school.

"My Kindle Fire," she whispered.

Daddy picked a winner!

Instead of cupcakes or cookies, AJ wanted a rainbow fruit tray, with Capri Sun to drink. AJ decided she wanted Mrs. D. to serve the fruit and juice at snack time, so I didn't stick around for that. But here's what the "rainbow fruit tray" looked like last night. Who knows what it looks like by now?

More birthday reporting coming tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

A KINDLE FIRE??????? HOLY S---!!!!!

No,I guess I can follow your reasoning.......... It is a NEW WORLD out there, isn't it??She's just keeping pace.......

Laura Gallitz said...

She loves, loves, loves the Kindle. We do want her to keep up, but we also know it is important to limit her screen time.