Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day of Fun

Anna June, in lieu of a big party, got to plan our whole day yesterday. Here was our agenda:
Breakfast including homemade pancakes (she said mine are better than a restaurant's).
A long time playing on her Kindle, including watching episodes of Angelina Ballerina.
Making jewelry from a kit she got for her birthday.
Going to iJump Crestwood for a couple of hours of bouncing and playing.
A rest for the parents and watching more PBS shows on her Kindle, this time Word Girl was included.
A trip to the zoo, where we fed Lorikeets, rode the carousel and train, ate sweets, and played on playgrounds.
Then she fell asleep in the car, so I let her sleep for an hour or so.
Her choice for dinner was a can of chicken noodle soup.
We set up her 2 new desk organizers, and she wrote a thank you note.
We watched The Lion King, and Ben made popcorn with butter and salt, just like at the movie theater (AJ's request).
Then she had a quick bath and we read one of her new vintage books she got for her birthday. Eventually, we went to sleep.
I tried my hardest not to worry about sleep patterns, nutrition, hygiene, or finances, in the spirit of the day.
A super fun day! Here are some pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like that one bat photo op center is upside down. Who is in charge?? Things like this REALLY BUG me!