Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break!

Anna June is on Spring Break this week, and we've been a little off schedule. OK, there has been no schedule.

The main thing was that Granny Annie came to visit! We were so excited, blessed, and fortunate to have her with us for most of the week, especially since I was bed-ridden on Saturday. It was horrible to be so sick, but so wonderful to have a real live nurse in the house, and a grandparent to help Ben take care of AJ. Even though she's 5 now, she still needs a lot of tending to! There's the whole bath time/bedtime routine, plus meals, etc.

Granny arrived Saturday morning, just in time to help. AJ could not wait to show her the progress we've made in her room, as well as to read her two short books (sight word readers). She was very impressed. I sent them to lunch at the Three Earred Rabbit in Trussville. AJ came back with a messy face from the multicolored ice cream, and Granny had a delicious hot fudge sundae. They also hit up a local shop, Southern Magnolia Gifts, to look around. When I heard Granny was searching for gifts like handmade soap to take back, I sent them to Crestwood Festival Center, where there was supposed to be a big event going on, with a car show, fashion show, and soapmaking demos and chair massages at Earthly Delights. Of course, it had been rained out and I didn't get that particular message in time! But they had a nice time shopping, anyway. 

After a short rest time, I sent them to Chick-fil-A for Zoo Night. As Rachel tweeted, "Hmm.. I’m wondering what the health department thinks of this…" As it turns out, there were several animals on display in the parking lot, including a chinchilla, a skink, a snake, and a tortoise that peed everywhere. I'm told there was also an extremely attractive zookeeper on display as well.

Sunday brought us better health, so we thought, and we ventured out in the world only to return right back home.

Monday saw me going to work and the rest of the family on its own adventures. There were plenty of leftovers, so they ate lunch at home.Ben fixed our broken doorbells, with a $2 part from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Irondale. The contractors that Home Depot sent came to install our new vinyl windows, which we love. We're waiting for the weather to get nicer so we can enjoy our new screens!

On Monday night, my parents had us over for homemade soup, chili, and cornbread. We also especially liked the cherry tomato appetizers. Annie brought a cheesecake from Publix that was also delicious.

Tuesday while I was at work, they visited Arlington House, Birmingham's only surviving antebellum home. While the property was beautiful, there was no one around to give tours or lend any insight. Hopefully as the city becomes more of a tourist destination, we will come up with the revenue to staff this city treasure again. I still have never been there! We will definitely go again - and may call ahead to make some sort of tour arrangement or something. After the outing, they went to Rusty's BBQ. Rusty's was in the thick of Round 2 of the Year of Alabama Food Quest for the Best Alabama BBQ, which they eventually lost to the legendary Dreamland by only 61 votes! Annie enjoyed the ribs and Ben had the chicken fingers. When I got home, Annie had made dinner: delicious baked chicken, baked potatoes and green beans. I could definitely get used to coming home to dinner on the table!

Granny went to The Memorial at our local Kingdom Hall. We were a little apprehensive, as the website indicated that there was a Swahili-speaking group at the Eastwood congregation - we had no idea if it would be in English or not. It was, and she reports it was a lovely service. Whew.  While she was gone, we watched Despicable Me for the first time. I loved it, and I'm pretty sure everyone else did, too. How can you not love anything with Jason Segel and Steve Carrell?

On Wednesday, Annie outdid herself. She made breakfast and washed the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, and more. Then they went to the McWane Center where they saw the new Grossology exhibit. Evidently, every kid in the area on Spring Break also went there. Here's a picture of the fun they were having, in silhouette.

It was Granny's first visit, and she was impressed. They went down to Chick-fil-A, getting to see a little of downtown where we spend so much time.

While AJ and Ben rested, Annie went to Anna's Linens to get curtains and an appropriate curtain rod for AJ's room redo. They are these, in purple. We haven't hung them yet, but they're ready to go. Like I said, she outdid herself!

After work, we went to The Cheesecake Factory, inspired by Granny's gift card from Aunt Jeanne. The traffic was bad, the parking was worse, the wait was long, and the place was crowded so there was a long wait to be served. But the food was good, the company was good (except for AJ, who was both tired and bored, who did not eat!), and I really enjoyed it. AJ was beyond restless, so we had to get our actual cheesecake to go.

Overall, it was a great visit. I appreciate every bath given, story read, dish washed, movie watched, game played, and gift given. It is such a shame that we can't see each other more often. We're currently planning to visit Milwaukee in August before AJ starts kindergarten.  We can't wait!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Review: Not What We'd Hoped

Anna June is sick. This weekend was supposed to be the start of AJ's spring break, full of fun plans and a visit from Granny Annie. Granny made it here, but just in time to nurse us back to health.

Saturday morning was supposed to find me catching up from being so busy and feeling ill earlier in the week. But instead, it found me sick in bed - all day! I could barely get up to say hello. It was awful.

On Sunday, I was feeling much, much better. I showered and dressed - I even blow dried my hair...and used hair care products! I was doing great, and we headed out to lunch in hopes of a fun family outing. When we arrived at our dining destination, AJ was whiny and wouldn't order. I ordered for her, holding her over my shoulder in line, waiting patiently as the people in front of me took seven thousand years to order for everyone in their respective departments. Then, after we placed our part of the order, I grabbed AJ's kid's cup to fill it with water.

She burst into tears. I asked her what was wrong, and she said, "I feel like I'm going to throw up."

So I rushed her to the trash can, and she did.

(Actually, I wasn't quick enough, and she got my hair.)

Incidentally, restaurants should not only keep napkins on their tables but a good supply at the drink station and register as well. Getting paper towels from those guys also seemed to take seven thousand years.

So we went home and got cleaned up, then, after my second hair-washing of the day, we spent the remainder of the weekend in pajamas.

Ben bought AJ Pete's Dragon to make her feel a little better, and we stayed up late watching it. I remember loving that movie as a kid, and now, I have no clue why. The bad guys are bad for no reason, and how does one buy an orphan anyway? The dragon does not speak in English, which makes him less entertaining. Mickey Rooney over-acts, but is endearing, as is Red Buttons. I still can't figure out what time period this is set in - kids carry lunch pails to the one-room school house. There are no cars, but there is electricity. Helen Reddy has a beautiful voice, but I still have no idea why she can wear pants and no one else can.

Hopefully, the rest of the week will go more according to plan.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


This post doesn't have anything to do with Anna June. But maybe it does.

I just want to stop and thank God for the many blessings that I have - her included. I am so incredibly fortunate to have such a blessed life of relative comfort and ease. If you read this blog often, you would think that all I do is complain. I complain about my lack of sleep, AJ's tantrums (and her lack of sleep), the fact that my kid is spoiled rotten and sometimes doesn't listen to me, and so on and so forth. I have gone on for days about the misspellings and poor grammar of colleagues. I complain when it rains, when it is too hot, and when it is too cold.

But nothing could be further from how my heart really is.

I am grateful and blessed, and most of the time, filled with hope. I am lucky to be in the midst of friends who will always give me a shoulder to cry on (or hold my hair when I'm puking), and family who has always been there for me - this includes my wonderful in-laws...all of them. I love living in my hometown where I'm minutes from my grandparents, parents, aunt, uncle, siblings, siblings-in-law, and now niece and nephew. I love this city, where I work a block from where one great-grandfather drove a streetcar, and another great-grandfather had his very own real estate office.

But today, I am sad. I am really, really sad.

I am so sad for my city.

Last Sunday, a child was murdered in Railroad Park. No information, at this time, has been made public about the case. We have no idea if the shooting was random or not. All we know is a fifteen-year-old child named Jarmaine Walton was gunned down, and he died. Kids were playing nearby. It was a place we take our kid. It lies blocks from my office and Ben's office as well. This is not OK. Other teens, other children, have died in our area by gun violence, but this death stands out starkly because it was in a place that we love for a reason that we don't know. An editorial by local writer and blogger Edward Bowser is here, giving a good perspective on the matter.

We are not going to stop going to Railroad Park. The park didn't shoot Jarmaine. We are going to keep working with our child and the other children at her school to ensure they don't grow up to be the kids behind the guns. That, and prayer, is about all we can do.

These basketball players from Wenonah High School made a Public Service Announcement about the violence. In essence, it says that these kids want the violence stopped. They dream of college, and basketball, not guns. As lawmakers and lobbyists try to figure out what to do about guns, here's my suggestion: keep them away from children. Period. This shooting is unacceptable.

But it's not just guns that are killing children.

On Friday, a woman and her four children were walking through the Birmingham airport when a 300-400 pound sign fell on top of them, trapping them. Eight or ten bystanders had to pull the huge thing - a "flight arrivals" deal with screens - off of them. One of my faculty members, who was returning from a conference in New Orleans, walked past the scene with his wife. He said that rescue workers were everywhere, and there was a lot of blood. A ten-year-old little boy has died. This accident, too, is unacceptable.

I can't even think about the cause of it right now, likely having something to do with the recent renovations in the terminal I've heard called "beautiful". I can't think about the lawsuits that will fly, the jobs that will be lost, the headlines that will follow. I am only thinking about a mother who lost a child today. I don't know the family (or do I? The names haven't been released.) but I am thinking about the incredible pain that must be felt by the airport mother and Jarmaine Walton's mother - these two ladies woke up those mornings with sons and went to bed without them. How devastating. How inconceivable.

How do you navigate this world? In this week, in this town, two innocent children have died out in public where people are riding bikes, toting suitcases, picking flowers, collecting souvenirs. I don't know how we can go about our business.

We are not promised tomorrow. We only have today. We have this one minute, this one hour, this one day to tell our families and friends that we love them. We care for them. We want to keep them safe, if only to keep them with us. We pray for their safety. Yet, in the end, we can do very little to keep them out of harm's way.

All we can do is love each other. Let your families know that you love them, so if, God forbid, you are the one taken from them, they'll know, and have your good memories, inspiration, and spirit about them. We have to keep moving forward for the ones that cannot. In their memories, we must work to create a better city and a better world. We must teach children that violence is not OK, and the phrase "good enough for government work" must be eliminated from our vernacular.

I am so, so sad. I will let myself be sad today.

Tomorrow I will go back to being hopeful. I will find some small thing to think about and delight in, most likely having to do with a certain exuberant 5-year-old, who runs everywhere and sings constantly. I will be glad it is spring break, and that my mother-in-law is visiting, and I'm getting new windows installed on a house I love in a neighborhood I love in a city I love. 

May God bless the grieving mothers, here in Birmingham and elsewhere in the world, where children have left this world too soon.

And may God bless all the rest of us, too, as we grieve with them.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Slightly Obsessed

Anna June is a great helper. On Sunday night, when we attended Swine and Wine, I sent her around with some business cards with a message about the voting currently taking place on Year of Alabama Food's Facebook page. She passed them out like a pro, handing them to bloggers, parents, and kids alike. (I did help a little.)

While it's just a popularity contest to some, for Rusty's this is a great viral marketing opportunity, seeing as how the winner of this contest gets not only bragging rights and free publicity from the contest itself, but will also get local television air time, something we've never had.

Unfortunately, in the first round, we're up against Saw's BBQ, a restaurant with 3 locations, a celebrity investor, a recent shout-out in Southern Living and almost zero negative reviews.

At present, Rusty's has received over a thousand votes from our friends, family, and fans. Saw's has over 1100. 

Our family had to bring out the big guns - our little helpers.

First up was the biggest ammo: baby Wesley.
At 10 weeks old, this is his first modeling gig. Did it like a pro!

And then, this morning, I had AJ write her own message. We're a bit of a copy cat here, but I did want to show off her penmanship skills. AJ is really competitive and likes to win. Don't disappoint her!

I'm asking one more time if you're on Facebook, please go to Year of Alabama Food and find the question about Saw's vs. Rusty's. Click the button next to Rusty's. Voting closes tomorrow, Saturday, March 23 in the morning, so DO IT NOW! Our family thanks you!

If Rusty's loses this contest, it will not be from lack of trying. It is truly an honor to be in such good company. If Rusty's wins, it will face the legendary Dreamland. We're in it to win it, y'all.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Anna June is reading and writing pretty well for a child of her age. She's practicing by writing thank-you notes, and all other manner of notes. She's leaving them all over the place. Here are a few recent ones.

Here's the one that she gave me when I was spending the night in the hospital for my sleep study:
"From Anna June To Mom Good Bye Love Anna June"  - Doesn't that just break your heart?
Picture on reverse:

And here, best of all, is a note she wrote to her dad, all by herself. She didn't ask how to spell anything - it was all her:

Your heart may melt now.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Blinked, and Missed It

Anna June's first full week as a five-year-old has gone by in the blink of an eye. This week at work is crazy (I feel like I say that every week!) and we've had some things to deal with, so here's the recap.

Tuesday night, I went in for a sleep study at UAB Highlands Hospital. Even though I was home to eat dinner and help AJ get ready for bed, she went into the full-on "I WANT MY MAMA!" mode. This was not a pleasant evening. I think she had too much warning that I'd be gone. She made me artwork to say goodbye at school and when we got home.

This is the one she made Tuesday night at home - she told me it was how I was going to look when I woke up the next morning. I've lost an eye, though - it looked better before.

 "From Anna June and Dad"

It turns out that I do NOT have sleep apnea as we all feared. I just snore loud enough to wake the dead. We'll be putting up an extra bed or learning to love earplugs while I lose 50 pounds, which may or may not help. My poor, poor husband.

As a precaution, I took Wednesday off, hearing from everyone who'd ever had a sleep test done that you can't sleep at night. To be honest, as I jokingly predicted, I slept better than some nights at home. It was a mini-vacation for me: cable tv, room service, and absolute quiet when I wanted it. Not even daylight and birds coming through the window. Actually, it was kind of nice.

But I went to the house and did a little bit of work, then out to lunch at Zoe's in Homewood with my friends. I was even early (relying on my brain instead of my calendar), so I went over and bought Radar some healthy dog treats at the dog spa (Generation Dog) across the street. While we were eating, who should walk in with his co-workers but my sweet husband, who also was coming off a night of mini-vacation with no snoring wife next to him. What a coincidence! He was on his way back from a funeral, which made it less fun, but it was still good to not have to wait until after work hours to see him.

Zoe's sells student's artwork as a fundraiser for local schools.

Then, I went home to take a quick nap. Then Radar and I picked up AJ at school. The kids in her class loved meeting and petting him. He was a little overwhelmed, but he was a good sport. AJ and I then took him to Avondale Park to walk him briefly.
AJ says that she's outgrowing this playground, but she still loves it.

We saw the Ramsay Rams about to take on the Woodlawn Colonels in softball, but the wind and the fact that we were out of plastic bags propelled us onward. 

Lady Rams and Lady Colonels

We concluded we were hungry, so after we took Radar home we hit up a yogurt place to get our sweets on. This is our favorite mother-daughter activity, as Ben thinks it's a huge waste, but we think the fun is worth it.
Her face is weird because she's chewing a gummy worm.

We came home and I checked the mail from the car (I'm lazy like that, but you'd forgive me if you saw how steep our driveway is). What do you know? I had a note from the State of Alabama that my driver's license was expired. I couldn't foresee another weekday I'd have off, so I just turned the car around and headed for the courthouse with AJ in tow. We were in line for approximately 30 seconds before she started asking to go home. It took us just under an hour, which in Jefferson County is not considered all that bad. Thank goodness for our iPhone and the nice guy behind us to keep us entertained.

We got home and made dinner (this is worth noting because it was possibly the only time all week we've eaten at home). I fixed baked fish. My friend Pam stopped by to give me a goody bag from the sorority alumnae meeting I missed on Saturday during AJ's Day of Fun.

Thursday morning, I was trying my best to get back into the swing of things. I was at work all of 45 minutes when my cell phone rang. Mid-phone call on my work phone, I hung up on my co-worker, seeing the call was from Avondale, and recalling that AJ had complained that her stomach felt weird when I took her to school. Sure enough, it was the call that every parent dreads: come get your child - she's thrown up.

At least she waited until they weren't in the lunchroom. She was in line for the restroom, bless her heart!

I made arrangements, canceling lunch and emailing those who needed to know I'd be "working from home" which actually turned out to mean "finishing reading the novel I started months ago." Who knew? Of course, this only made things worse, but I was glad to finish one dang thing!

Because something was wrong with our TV setup (although I figured it was just me!), AJ mostly played on her Kindle until it ran out of battery, but we also read books and she colored. Since she was feeling well enough to want and to keep down some saltine crackers - which she has declared her favorite kind of cracker, just so you know - we decided to choose an activity out of our box of fun. She selected painting with shaving cream and food coloring. It was just swirling the colors around on the tray. Of course, Ben asked as soon as he heard, "Did you leave me any?" My answer was, "Yes, AJ insisted!"
Good clean fun, with a conservative amount of shave cream.

The 24-hour-puke-free rule is always in effect, so she's not at school today either, although she hasn't thrown up since she was at school. To other moms, this sounds like something she ate rather than a bug or the flu. Which makes me mad...the one time I actually cook something (baked tilapia), it makes her sick! The rest of us were fine, though, so I am hoping it wasn't that.

Tomorrow is AJ's dance performance. We're really excited to see her dance on stage for the first time. We'll have to charge up the video camera!

In other exciting news, my other "job" as social media marketing coordinator for Rusty's BBQ has been really busy. There are several things going on.

First of all, Indy Car drivers came to Barber Motorsports this week for time trials. They also came to Rusty's. It was exciting to have celebrities spotted at our favorite restaurant, whether or not we follow the sport.

Secondly, Sunday is Swine and Wine. This annual charity event has already gotten press coverage from Magic City Post, The Birmingham News, Magic City Made, and Southern Living. We're hoping for a huge turnout this year. Rusty is in charge of the details of the pig roasting (even though he's not yet 30, he's a veteran pig roaster), and Beth is handling a lot of the responsibility "inside" at the serving tables. I know that with their help, the event will run even more smoothly than last year.

Finally, a big Facebook contest is going on right now. If you "Like" the Alabama Board of Tourism's page "Year of Alabama Food" you can play along. The top 32 BBQ restaurants in Alabama have been given bracket seeds, March Madness-style. Rusty's made the cut! It's the only restaurant in the area that has only one location. It's up against Saw's BBQ, another relative newcomer to the B'ham BBQ scene, but Saw's has tons of great press and media attention, being that American Idol winner Taylor Hicks is now one of their investors. It's going to be tough. The voting for Rusty's vs. Saw's begins Wednesday March 20. Write it down. Join our Facebook event to remind yourself. It's a huge deal - winners as the brackets progress get free television time, something we've never had.

There have been so many other changes, little and big lately. AJ has started tying her shoes. She's started answering the phone (although she's not particularly good at either thing). She has started taking Radar out (sometimes) by herself - only in the back yard, and only when it is daylight. It is such a delight to be around her at this age, learning every second and trying her best to be a big kid. So forgive me if I've been too busy to write daily - I'm just trying to soak it all in.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Things: Zoo Membership

As you can see from my post this weekend about our Day of Fun, Anna June really likes belonging to the zoo.

Since we've become members, we've seen just about every animal there. We've petted goats, fed lorikeets, ridden the train and the carousel, splashed in the fountain, gotten soaked in foam, played on the playground, climbed a termite hill, played the drums, tried on masks, attended Boo at the Zoo and Zoolight Safari, eaten all the snacks, and visited with friends.

I know that one day, AJ will outgrow it, but for now, I just want to say that it's one of our favorite things.

Also, in response to the commenter, I am pretty sure you're supposed to take the picture and turn it upside down, showing the kid like a bat hanging upside down.

Comme ca:


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day of Fun

Anna June, in lieu of a big party, got to plan our whole day yesterday. Here was our agenda:
Breakfast including homemade pancakes (she said mine are better than a restaurant's).
A long time playing on her Kindle, including watching episodes of Angelina Ballerina.
Making jewelry from a kit she got for her birthday.
Going to iJump Crestwood for a couple of hours of bouncing and playing.
A rest for the parents and watching more PBS shows on her Kindle, this time Word Girl was included.
A trip to the zoo, where we fed Lorikeets, rode the carousel and train, ate sweets, and played on playgrounds.
Then she fell asleep in the car, so I let her sleep for an hour or so.
Her choice for dinner was a can of chicken noodle soup.
We set up her 2 new desk organizers, and she wrote a thank you note.
We watched The Lion King, and Ben made popcorn with butter and salt, just like at the movie theater (AJ's request).
Then she had a quick bath and we read one of her new vintage books she got for her birthday. Eventually, we went to sleep.
I tried my hardest not to worry about sleep patterns, nutrition, hygiene, or finances, in the spirit of the day.
A super fun day! Here are some pictures.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Photo Friday: Five

Happy birthday, Anna June! Thanks for the beautiful shirt, Granny!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Anna June!

Anna June is a kid who has everything. Now, she's a 5-year-old kid who has everything!

What do you get a kid who has everything?

A Kindle Fire.

Yes, I know it is ridiculous to give a little girl an expensive present, but hear us out.

First of all, we got a protective case.

Second of all, we laid down some ground rules:

- If Mom or Dad are talking to you, you must look them in the eye.
- If you're asked to put it down and you don't do it immediately, it will be taken away.
- No bragging about it at school, where kids may not be as fortunate.
- When it's time to turn it off, no whining.

AJ's school has iPads, so she's familiar with the format.

Also, Ben and I both have tablets, and, well, we sort of wanted them back.

Finally, here is the "killer" feature that made us get it. With Kindle Free Time, the kid's profile will have exclusive kid content - no in-app purchases allowed, nothing she's not supposed to see. More videos, games, apps, and books than we can shake a stick at. Many books can read to the child and highlight words as they go along. It's actually a really neat thing for a kid who is on the cusp of "really" reading. 

So, here's what else we did for her birthday so far, besides the room remodel.

AJ and I had a lovely lunch. AJ ate every bite of her Lunchables (her special birthday lunch request), and I ate every bite of my taquito, rice, potatoes, banana pudding and chocolate milk. It was a kid-size portion. AJ "bought" my lunch by typing in her lunch number. We sat down, and the principal, Dr. Curry, made it a point to come to sit with us. It was actually very nice.

When we returned to the classroom, I then read McElligot's Pool by Dr. Seuss, a book that Mrs. D and I had never heard of, but it turned out to be a good story.

I had all the children call me Mrs. Gallitz instead of "Anna June's mom". Mrs. D. and Mrs. Sabra were impressed by my unrehearsed performance. The book had a subtle message of optimism and environmental responsibility along with a healthy dose of imagination. We talked about what we liked and didn't like about the book. The teachers said I should be a teacher!

Then, they had an early recess because all the kids were hyped up and squirmy - they were going out as I was leaving, all bundled up and ready for some sunshine.

I asked AJ if she was having an OK day, and she said she was.

"Know what the best part was?" she asked me, conspiratorially.

I thought she was going to say that it was that I came to her school.

"My Kindle Fire," she whispered.

Daddy picked a winner!

Instead of cupcakes or cookies, AJ wanted a rainbow fruit tray, with Capri Sun to drink. AJ decided she wanted Mrs. D. to serve the fruit and juice at snack time, so I didn't stick around for that. But here's what the "rainbow fruit tray" looked like last night. Who knows what it looks like by now?

More birthday reporting coming tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Works of Art Wednesdays: Family Portrait

Anna June is still working on bodies, but here's a recent portrait of our family she drew.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Things: Candy

Anna June received an early birthday card from Ms. Susan tonight. She opened it in the car. She showed it to me and said, "It says, 'Happy birthday, Princess!'" Which it did. This girl is starting to read, ladies and gentlemen. I am very excited about this.

Then she opened the card and screamed "BIRTHDAY MONEY!" It was $2.00, with instructions to head to Dollar Tree and pick out a couple of things.

We were headed to Brookwood Mall, and, needless to say, the money was burning a hole in AJ's pocket. I really thought it might be - she kept taking it out of her pocket!

The reason we'd come to the mall was to get a new belt. We went to Belk and found one suitable for uniforms in the boy's section. I told the cashier that I couldn't find any belts in the girls' section, and she said, "Oh, we don't sell girls' belts." Well, I suppose that's why I couldn't find one!

As soon as we checked out, AJ was on the march to ABC Toys, where she found some candy at $1.99. She was surprised when it rang up at $2.19 - I had to explain sales tax to her!

She ate a quick dinner at Chick-fil-A in the food court and then devoured her gummy worms.

AJ loves candy more than just about anything on earth. The fruitier and more artificially colored, the better. I prefer chocolate myself, and, while AJ also likes chocolate, she's a sucker for a sucker. We have tubs, boxes, and bags of it around the house. We've warned AJ about the evils of sugar, and she's taken them to heart, but how can you deny this sweetie pie some gummy worms?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Friday Photo: Delayed Reaction

OK, so this photo of Anna June's artwork didn't actually get taken and posted until Monday. Forgive me?

On Friday, March 1, Avondale Elementary celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday by wearing crazy hats and crazy socks. AJ wore her monkey toboggan hat and her flowered knee socks. It didn't make for that interesting of a picture, so I didn't take it.

But I did take a picture of her contribution to the bulletin board: she did a rendition of the cover of Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss.

I think it's a pretty good likeness, don't you?

Weekend Review: Quick Rundown

Anna June had a pretty low-key weekend, and it worked out great for us. Here is the rundown of our weekend (I'm really busy at work and will stick to bullet points today)
Friday night - pizza and The Smurfs 3D movie
Saturday - 
  • Chuck E. Cheese birthday party for Allison P. 
  • Playing at home, cleaning up
  • Window salesman from The Home Depot - we finally made a decision: vinyl, for better or worse.
  • Date night, including AJ spending the night with Nana and Granddaddy
  • Got to hold baby Wesley, who turned 2 months old! (and we saw his parents, too.)

Conversation wherein AJ and my dad were trying to convince me to let her spend the night -
Dad: Let me plead your case. I'm a lawyer.
AJ: Well, you're sort of retired!
I had to let her stay after that to make him feel better!

Sunday -
  • Laundry (I may have set a personal record of number of loads washed, dried, folded, and put away)
  • Church
  • Hanging pictures in AJ's room
  • Walking Radar for AJ and Ben, shopping for something that doesn't exist in our neighborhood for me
  • Dinner at Rusty's (AJ did her own wardrobe, hair, jewelry and makeup for the occasion)

That's about it. I hope to have more later in the week.