Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Works of Art Wednesday: Stamps

When Anna June came to my office last week, we brought her walkie-talkies to play with if I went down the hall, her tracing book, a tablet computer with lots of kid games, and a stuffed lamb as a lovey. We also brought juice and snacks. All of that entertainment was shelved as soon as AJ discovered that I had stamps in my desk. Thanks, UAB, for providing me with stamps so that AJ could be quiet - and stop pressing my No! button - for a few minutes.


Anonymous said...

(actually, I think that it is really an " ON " button.....)

This is a facet of that age -old kids' phenomenon of liking the box , better than the toy that came in it!

Laura Gallitz said...

I love how she can create art out of anything at her age. She wrote her name on a kleenex so it would become a handkerchief. So creative!