Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Review

Anna June's room makeover got started in earnest this weekend. We purchased, prepped, and painted. (And by "we" I mean "Ben"!)

Friday night we ate pizza and watched Madagascar 3 in 3D, thanks to a converter box we added to our entertainment center. AJ wouldn't keep the 3D glasses on, but she still enjoyed it.

Saturday, we got a visit from a window salesman, and learned more than we wanted to know about vinyl, double hung windows. Then, I rushed off to Sterret, AL for the burial of my great Aunt Alice. It was cold, but it was a short and sweet service. I feel something so powerful when I am at our family plot at Mt Signal Cemetery. There's my Nana, whom I still miss, and Aunt Ida, and my mom's father C.P. there are so many I wish I could talk to.

Then Mom and I went out to lunch on the way to Alabaster, where a memorial service was held at Alice's church. Then, we headed to Hoover for what I've learned is called the "mercy meal". I brought broccoli salad, and there was so much food the entire church could have come. Ben and AJ came and visited with all the assembled kin, from as far away as Virginia and Florida.

Sunday we went to Home Depot and Dollar Tree, twice, and got all the things we needed to paint. It had been so long since we last painted that we forgot how much we hate it. AJ, on the other hand, LOVED it! She rolled like a pro. She didn't even get paint on the carpet (that was me).

AJ slept on the sofa last night and will spend her day off from school putting it back together. Here are some "before/during" pics.

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