Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Review: Super

Anna June had another great weekend. On Friday night, we hit up the Chinese buffet and watched The Rescuers. Actually, AJ watched The Rescuers and I fell asleep just as the actual rescue was taking place, but I am sure it comes out all right - and we can watch it again another time: the beauty of DVD!

On Saturday, AJ entertained herself and I cleaned the refrigerator out. Yes, that was a great part of my day! I tossed so much stuff. Then we went to lunch and AJ and I went on to the Birmingham Dance Walk. My blogger pal Sherri Ross organized a Dance Walk. After reading about one of the past events here, I knew this was something that I had to get in on ASAP. I thought AJ would love it, too. I showed her this video about dance walking, and she was all in. Her ballet lessons are going well, and she killed it at Zumba the other night, so I thought she was going to have a blast. Evidently, I misrepresented the plan to her, and she was upset that there was no stopping in shops as we danced (something I read indicated that we would, but I was mistaken). There was a visit from Madge the Magic City Dragon, and it was so cool to see this work of art and her dozen handlers dancing down the street. You can read accounts of the fun event here and here. They have real pictures, too, none of which seem to feature AJ or much of me. But we were there! I promise!

Afterwards, I tried to interest AJ in a visit to the downtown library to take a peek at the writer's expo, but she was not having it. She wanted to shop. So shop we did. We went to Sojourns, where the owner had fruit, tea and coffee for the dance walkers. Then we went next door to Reed Books, where I was in search of a local author's latest book. I found her old one, but not the new one - yet.  Then, we needed a sugar rush and a bathroom, so we went to Urban Standard for some cupcakes. AJ had red velvet and I had blackberry cabernet - so delicious!

Next we went to Charm, a fantastic little jewelry shop owned by one of our auction's customers, and then we went down to What's on 2nd, (where the owner is also a Garden City Auction customer) and we ran into our friend Ian, who couldn't believe how big AJ was getting!  Then we were shopped out, so we went home and I took a much needed nap. By then, it was time for our night out, so we took AJ to my parents' house, headed to the Galleria for some shopping and dinner, and then made a stop by my grandmother's house to fix her computer.

On Sunday, we began preparations for our Super Bowl Supper with my parents and brother Drew. Ben vacuumed, steam cleaned, and scrubbed toilets. I went to the store before church and could tell it was time for the big game because Publix was dangerously low on regular Velveeta. Anyway, we ended up making pasta salad with football-shaped pasta, Ro-Tel dip (which Grandpa misheard as "roadkill dip") and creamy lemon bars. Mom and Dad brought chili and hot dogs. It was perfect football food! Of course, when I throw a Super Bowl party and the Packers are not playing, it's not a true Super Bowl party - it's a First Half of the Super Bowl party. We all had things to do the next day, places to be, people to see, and missions to accomplish, so everyone was gone and AJ was in the tub before the lights went out.

Overall, though, it was a SUPER weekend!


Anonymous said...

I would have LOVED that walk/ dance thingy.....(would have been nice to have it for a charity) . Anyway, I would have TOTALLY been there!
Your Super bowl party sounded awesome, despite the fact that there was no Green Bay team involved. But that would have raised the fever pitch to unbearable! I didn't watch the game ; opted for some pre-work sleep instead.

Laura Gallitz said...

Sherri, founder of Dance Walk, has written that her goal is to turn Dance Walk into its own non-profit, and raise funds for various organizations. She has raised money for the Crisis Center through various other events, and I think that they'll definitely be a major recipient when they finally start charging money for this awesome time. Of course, I'd be glad to pay for it - it was fun! It was still awesome to do it for free.

Our Super Bowl gathering was just right - more people and our living room would have been too crowded, considering there's a giant cardboard castle in there right now. Any longer and AJ would have started getting restless. Any more food and we'd be staring at leftovers for days on end. The ro-tel dip and lemon bars are all gone, but we still have chili and pasta salad - and one sad little hot dog. :)