Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Review: Rest

Anna June had a peaceful weekend. We watched a lot of movies and rested, still trying to get rid of the cold/coughs, but we did find some time to accomplish some things. Here's the rundown:

Friday night - We visited the Pop-Up Project in downtown Birmingham. We left with a bag of Bitty's Sneaky Mix, a lovely sweet/spicy snack mix, and a bar of handmade soap by Harmony. It was great to talk with the local small vendors, who don't yet have their own retail presence, and good to chat with LK, aka Grey's mom. Then we had dinner at Newk's and came home to watch AJ's choice on Netflix: Casper's Haunted Christmas. It was terrible, but I fell asleep at the end. Maybe it got better.

Saturday - I resumed my resting. We had cereal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. AJ played by herself and we watched a couple of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes. It is also terrible, in my opinion, but as long as AJ was still, quiet, and snuggling, I was OK with it. Later, we went out to the park to take advantage of the beautiful day. While I walked Radar, Ben and AJ headed to the field to practice soccer - AJ had her cleats and ball - but then I ran into AJ's friend Avery, and since he loves soccer (his dad played in college!), he made a beeline to the field to show her how it was done. Later, I spotted another one of their friends and AJ and Avery went back up to the playground to play with her instead. We ran into my friend Sara from work and her grandson, Will. In other words, it was a big old Crestwood Park party. We went back to the house and rested for a little bit, and then we took AJ to my parents' house for a steak dinner with my granddaddy while Ben and I went out for sushi and to the movies. (And of course, I had an errand to run at Dollar Tree. Gotta get my errands in!) Side note: We saw Silver Linings Playbook. It was great, perfectly cast, and I hope that it wins tons of awards. When we got to my parents' house, AJ had just fallen asleep, but luckily, she went back to sleep fairly easily when we got home.

Sunday - We skipped church to hit up Big Blue Bagel, Home Depot, Dollar Tree (again!) and FoodSmart. The main project we had in mind with all of this shopping was to get samples of paint for AJ's room. She had been telling us she wanted pink walls, but then she changed her mind to purple, then red, and then, when we were actually looking at paint sample cards - blue really grabbed her attention. She picked out two colors of light blue. One is a lighter, more aqua version, (Ionic Sky) and one is a darker truer blue (Pool Party). We pretty much all agree that we should get the light one, after seeing the samples on the wall. It was a hard choice - both are beautiful. Next weekend we'll paint AJ's big girl room! Can't believe it.

We also did an exercise video, actually cooked lunch (Rachel Ray's Chinese Orange BBQ Cashew Chicken) Watched ANOTHER movie (The Rescuers Down Under, which luckily I've seen, since I fell asleep in that one, too! Another side note: I was awake long enough to be sad that Eva Gabor, John Candy, and George C. Scott are all dead in real life, although their voice talents live on in the movies.) Skyped with Grandpa, sent Ben for a (major) haircut, talked on the phone to Aunt Nonny, ate at Rusty's and almost made it to bed on time. We saw some of the Grammys, where my favorite new (local!) band the Alabama Shakes lost but performed well, and then I crashed. Maybe this week we'll shake this sinus trouble/coughing/sneezing/sore throat nonsense.


Anonymous said...

NOT BLUE!!!! ( she wailed) IMPOSSIBLE ( almost ) to match accessories with, for some reason. Isn't it , like , the same as your room??? HAVE HER LOOK AT PINKS AND LILACS ONE MORE TIME!!!!!

BTW, Is she still wanting a desk??? 'Cause, I'm thinking that that is what I am eyeing for a spring present........( See, I am CONSULTING with you first !!!)

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, she still wants a desk, and yes, that would be a good present. Please keep it small, though.

I like blue. It's a lighter blue than our room. Click on my link where I said "Ionic sky" - that should show you the color on Home Depot's website - or you can search google for Behr's "ionic sky". She really came out of left field with that one, but she completely was sold on it. I don't want her to keep changing - we've told her that when we do it it is done.

We're not so big on matching, but we'll be looking for bedding that may have a hint of the blue in it. As long as she likes it, we like it.

Anonymous said...


(when you have a minute, can you look up 'SEARS", then,'"""" Best Choice Products-mission desk (white)', and let me know what you think....

Laura Gallitz said...

I think it's pretty! I will ask Ben if it is too big or not.

Anonymous said...
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