Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thinking Thursday: Valentine's Edition

Anna June was so excited she couldn't sleep last night. She told us she was too excited for Valentine's Day! I don't blame her - I was, too.

This morning I woke up and stayed in my bed until her alarm went off, per her instructions the night before. She woke up and came directly to our room, and when I told her Happy Valentine's Day, she gave me a really sweet card. It said, "Be Happy" and it had a koala on it. I mean, who couldn't be happy when there's a koala bear, right? On the reverse, it said "From: Anna June. To: Mom. Happy Valentine's Day. And to Dad too." I'll probably scan it at some point. It's too precious.

Then, I gave her a card. And I gave Ben a card. And he gave me a card - a very, very sweet and lovely card - along with a box. The box contained a belly dance skirt for Zumba! I've been wanting one for ages. I can't wait to finish this post and leave to go try it out.

We gave Anna June a stuffed animal she had admired. Then, she asked if she could give it to Radar, because he doesn't have as many toys as she does, and we didn't get him a Valentine.

I went on and dropped AJ off at school, and got ready to start on spending most of my day with transcribing minutes from an exceedingly boring conference call. There was a knock at my office door, and, as I looked up, thinking, "I do NOT need one more thing to do," it was my fantastic husband, bringing flowers. He and AJ picked them out together.

It really made my day!

Our real gift to each other this year is a one-hour couple's massage at Golden Temple. We cannot wait to schedule it. We both seem to be having more aches and pains than usual - let's blame the awful weather instead of getting older, shall we?

So, since this blog post is supposed to be about Anna June and her thinking and development, here are some observations:

1. She loves celebrating occasions.
2. She had all her Valentine cards addressed a month early (she got this from me).
3. She loves buying presents for others.
4. She is extremely thoughtful when it comes to those less fortunate, even if it is Radar.
5. She's good at sharing.
6. She's good at hugging, kissing, and saying, "I love you."
7. She's good at making cards.

In short, Valentine's day is the perfect holiday for such a sweet little girl. Now, off to Zumba to preemptively burn calories I may consume from raiding her chocolate stash from her school Valentine party.

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