Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thinking Thursday: That 70's Day

Anna June's school is having its annual Black History Program today. The theme is "Afros and Bellbottoms". They've asked the children to wear white shirts and khaki bottoms, assuming they'll all look the same in the program. At first, AJ's teacher said the children were to dress in 70s attire, but then retracted the statement when the final word from the office came down. All the same, they asked all the teachers, staff, and PARENTS to dress in their best 70s clothes.

So last night AJ and I visited Granddaddy Jerome. He still has a treasure trove of clothes from Grandma Annette that he's trying to get rid of. I went looking for scarves, but came home with 2 scarves, a purse, a necklace, a pin, 3 tops, a skirt, and a hat/scarf/gloves set new in the package that had nothing to do with our errand.

My plan was for AJ to wear the pin on her shirt and the scarf in her hair, because I had asked Mrs. D. if it would be possible to accessorize in a 70's style for the kids. By the time we left, AJ had traded scarves with me and removed the pin. We should have gotten a picture of how she looked before. (She put on the new scarf herself - because she thought it was cuter.) I also let her put on pale pink lip gloss in the spirit of the day.

So here we are, ready for the program this afternoon.

Peace! Have a groovy day!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love it! :)


Tamika D. said...

You and Anna June look too cute! What a fun school day. :)

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks, y'all! Not as many of the parents dressed up as I had hoped, but it was so fun for us!

Anonymous said...

The Southern Gallitz girls , channeling their inner Hippies/Gypsies!!!
(I'm SURE that the era means NOTHING to AJ!!)

Laura Gallitz said...

AJ is starting to understand history a little bit, but, no the 1970s probably doesn't mean much to her. Of course, she thought that Jesus was born 100 years ago. Still working on that timeline thing.