Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thinking Thursday: Excellent!

Anna June has evidently been doing great in school. Her last two mid-term progress reports have showed lots of "very good" marks but no "excellent" ones.

On the progress report we got this week, the "excellent" categories far outnumber all of the other ones.

The only "Little progress" was in knowing her right from her left. I still sometimes struggle with this, as do other people who have grown up to be awesome, so I am not distressed. However, I tested her a bunch of times and she totally gets it. So, I guess there has to be something that needs improvement on every report!

And I loved Mrs. D's comment about how AJ is a stickler for rules. It is a blessing to have a child who is so respectful, although often a curse that she can be so inflexible at times.

I would be proud of her anyway, but I am very proud that she's adjusting well to school and learning what they are teaching.


Rachel said...

Ooh - I have one of those "Stickler for the rules" too - and yes, my rising house repair expenses can attest to the curse part. ;-)

Laura Gallitz said...

Is it bad that I think about you sometimes when we're in the bathroom? I am so, so sorry about the one thorough butt wipe! I am sure you've come up with a dollar amount attached to it all. :(

Rachel said...

Ha! I'm glad I leave such a ... lasting impression.

And no, I don't want to know the dollar amount. Although it would make a good blog title...

"The $x,xxx Butt Wipe"