Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Things Tuesday: THE DESK

Since we started talking about her room makeover, Anna June has been the most excited about one element: adding a desk. She dreamed that this would be a place to do her homework, write, color, and draw. Granny send this vital piece last week, and AJ has been so happy about it we can barely get her to come away from it.

Here are some of Ben's pics of AJ at her desk. She loves it! Thanks again, Granny!


Anonymous said...

Since I gave the desk, I can say, without causing offense: NOT MUCH DESK FOR THE PRICE!!

BUT, I 'm glad if she likes it! When I was little, I would have died for a desk!

Laura Gallitz said...

While it is true that there's not much to it, we hope this desk will last her for years to come. She loves it so much. Thanks again!