Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo Friday - Not Exactly

Anna June came to Zumba with me, at her insistence last night. She brought in her backpack, which contained enough candy and snacks to keep her busy. During the course of my hour-long workout, she danced little, but ate a ring pop, goldfish crackers, Cheetos, and drank a Hi-C juice box. Then she had a pink Rice Krispy treat in the car. All this was after the yummy cookies and ice cream at her class party. No wonder all she wanted for dinner was a hot dog.

Anyway, during all of her running back and forth and playing, she must have found my phone, because when I picked it up after class it had this piece of artwork ready to email out. I have no idea what she had been drawing, but evidently it was special enough to her to want to send it.

So, it's not exactly a photo, but it is a little snapshot of whatever was going on in her sugar-fueled, preservative filled brain last night.

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