Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Works of Art Wednesday: Plato

Anna June has tons of coloring books. And when she came home from school with yet another one - this one courtesy of Publix, I was not excited. But one day when I was doing something else, AJ colored the opening page to this book, which featured Publix's main kid mascot, Plato the Publixaurus.

I just got his name - "Plate-o," like a plate of food. Clever, right?

Anyway, AJ colored the page pretty well, cut it out, decorated it with stamps and glued googly eyes on it. All by herself. All the ideas were her own and she was so proud to give it to me.

So I'll overlook that Publix is trying to inundate my child with ploys for customer loyalty. As if the free cookies weren't enough.


Anonymous said...

AW. so cute! Love the googly eyes she added; she was up to something special for Mama! The coloring is well done too----I was just showing BooBoo something from the latest art folder ,and she was impressed w/ Anna Junes coloring skills.

Seems like EVERYBODY is got an angle, working the kiddos !! somehow!

Anonymous said...

'HAS ' got an angle, Thank you.

Laura Gallitz said...

AJ's coloring skills ARE impressive! She gets better everyday. I tried to sell coloring to her last night as a way of calming herself, but she didn't buy it.

Yes, every company is trying to make a living through brainwashing our children. But Publix doesn't have to try. AJ was drinking some hot chocolate the other day, and she said it was delicious, so I said it came from Publix - she looked at me sincerely, and laid her hand on my arm for emphasis, and said, "We should go there more often."

Anonymous said...

I was sharing w/ Jeannie AJ's comment re: Publix. ( all of my sisters are always asking me for new ,cute Anna June stories) She recalled a story about Shenandoah , when he was very little, ( about 2 or 3 yo, she thought){ AND STOP ME IF I HAVE RECENTLY SHARED THIS W/ YOU, BECAUSE I THINK SHE TOLD ME THIS RECENTLY TOO... { IT IS HELL TO GET TO A POINT OF NOT KNOWING WHETHER YOU HAVE SAID SOMETHING OR NOT..} )
anyway: She was picking Shenandoah up from my Mom's house here on 76 ST , and because it is such a very busy street, she carried Shenandoah to the driver side of her car, and had enough time to just open the door and put him in the drivers seat , before needing to close the door again and sort of pressing herself against the side of the car until the traffic was done whizzing by her. From in the car , she heard Shenandoah say, in a rather grown up, slightly rebuking voice, "I don't want to drive." When she did nothing ( because she was still standing outside of the car,) he repeated , " I SAID, , I don't want to drive." Jeannie tells it with a wonderful tone of voice which no doubt makes it funnier, I guess. But anyway, that is what happens to the Blog stories about AJ--they make the rounds up here, because we all love this age so much and the unexpected perspectives they voice .

Laura Gallitz said...

No, I hadn't heard that story until now. I think. I'm getting older, too - and can't remember things well at all. Your sisters should read the blog! They can email me and I'll add them.